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Horse Riddles

Know of any good horse riddles? Please feel free to send them in by emailing me or by using this FORM.

Q: What has four frogs but doesn't croak?
A: A horse!

Q: What is a horse's favorite TV show?
A: Mr. Ed

Q: What is a horse's favorite football team?
A: The Colts

Q: If a king sits on gold, who sits on silver?
A: The Lone Ranger

Q: What is hairy, has two thousand eyes and eats grass?
A: One thousand horses.

Q: Why did the silly horse take a ruler to bed?
A: To see how long he slept.

Q: What do you call 144 horses in a box?
A: A gross!

Q: What do you call a clean Appaloosa?
A: Spotless!

Q: Can anyone tell me what it means if we find a horseshoe?
A: That a horse is walking around in it's socks?

Q: Why did the dirty horse cross the road a second time?
A: He was a dirty double crosser.

Q: What is as big as a horse but doesn't weigh anything?
A: A horse's shadow.

Q: What do you get when you cross a horse with the house next door?
A: A nei-ei-ghbor!

Q: How does a horse get down from a tree?
A: It sits on a leaf and waits for the fall.

Q: What kind of salad dressing do horses like?
A: Ranch, of course! 
(Submitted by: Erin)

Q: What is a horse's favorite game?
A: Stable tennis 
(Submitted by: Grace Edwards)
Q. What has four legs and flies?
A. A horse is the summer
(Submitted by: Horse Lover)
Q: Why can't horses dance?
A: Because they have 2 left feet.
Q: When do vampires like horse racing?
A: When it's neck and neck.
Q: What is the best type of story to tell a runaway horse?
A: A tale of WHOA
Q: What did one horse say to the other horse?
A: The pace is familiar but I can't remember the mane.
Q: What part of the horse has the most hair?
A: The outside!!!
Q: Why did the horse go behind the tree?
A: To change his jockeys.
Q: What breeds of horses can jump higher than a house?
A: All breeds. Houses don't jump
Q: A man rode into town on June 3rd, stayed a week, and rode out on June 3rd. How is this possible?
A: His horse's name was June 3rd.
Q. Why did the boy stand behind the horse?
A .He thought he might get a kick out of it!
Q. What is the difference between a horse and a duck?
A. One goes quick and the other goes quack!
Q: How do you lead a horse to water?
A: With lots of carrots.
Q: What disease do horses fear most?
A: Hay Fever!
Q: What is a horses favorite T.V. show?
A: Neeeebours
Q: What do you call a horse wearing Venetian blinds?
A: A zebra!

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Rhoda who?
Rhoda horse yesterday and fell off
Submitted by: Larissa

Q: Why did the horse kick the clock out the window?
A: He wanted to see time FLY!!!
Submitted by: Dana

Q: What's black and white and eats like a horse?
A: A Zebra!
Submitted by: Horse150 

Q: What kind of horse likes the wind best?
A:  A Draft Horse!
Submitted by: Mary Elizabeth Layne

Q:  Who jumps higher: a horse or a house?
A:  A Horse.......HOUSES DON'T JUMP!
Submitted by: Lauren Trembley

Q:  What's a horses favorite fruit?
A:  Canter' lope!
Submitted by: Mary Ellen

Q:  A girl rode 3 days to Montana. She started riding on Wednesday and arrived on
     Sunday. How is that possible?
A: The horse's name was Sunday.
Submitted by:  Theresa Brust

Q:  Why did the boy keep a rope in his bed!
A:  Because he wanted to catch a night mare.
Submitted by: Corona

Q:  What's the scariest kind of horse?
A:  A night mare!
Submitted by: Katelyn

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