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The Pony I Love

This pony I love
I never will see
he left a while ago
not purposely.
It wasn't his fault
not like mine.
He gave me signals
though I didn't listen.
The next day he left
and I never said good-bye.
Later the owner
got a better pony to her.
The pony I love
for me was never seen again.
I swear that when I got older
I will search high a low
for the pony I love.
That was two years ago
since then I have grown.
Though I still remember what I swore.
I will live true to my word
though I didn't before
I will live true to my word
so I won't ache anymore.
The pony I love
was as sweet as can be.
Smart too
like none other.
His name was Piper
The pony I love
I will see him again
I know that in my heart.

By Carly Eastern

This story is true and I will live true to my word when I get old enough to. The pony's name was Piper.  His owner was the owner's daughter.  She really hated that I could communicate with him and she couldn't, so at first he left then came back till she had another pony then left my life forever. That was two and a half years ago.  I have pictures and memories but I would love nothing more then to end my misery.  That pony was my favorite and every night I pray he will come back.  To this day I blame myself for what happened. What if I had taught the girl how to handle him or asked him to be good. My two fondest memories are one we used to play this game with this girl I used to ride with where she was on a horse so in the ring she would canter up one side and trot till that point and kept doing that and I would canter him as soon as she got to the other side then canter after her until we caught up.  We rarely did catch up but it was fun.  My second memory was that when I used to work at the barn I would fall asleep in his stall and set my alarm on my watch and he would wake me up when it went off, and then I would ride him and he would listen to what my instructor said and I could have fallen asleep and he still would've done what we were supposed to.  He was special.  He was a Welsh Cross and a gray with dapples on his butt if anyone know anything email me at  

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