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Gone but Not Forgotten
(Submitted by: Sharon)

As my glistening Chestnut coat,
covered with sweat.
I'm exercised, and ready to go,
to that famous horse show.
The crowd knows my name!
The announcer calls it out with Canadian pride!
With one single step,
I can leap a single jump.
My fame and fortune has come at last.
I don't want to remember my long forgotten past.
I have won many shows,
and like a horse does,
I'm steadily getting old.
My colic attacks worsen,
and I feel like bursting.
It's 1999,
and I'm doing fine.
My last day to lay in my hay,
was December 11, 1999.
My last and true home is in Canada.
That name that everybody knows is.....
In memory of Big Ben

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