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Show season begins
All saddles are mounted
The ring gate now closes
The entries are counted

"Face pace or rack"
We hear the announcer call
But one of us is missing
One that always stood so tall

As we look out amoung us
Memories fill the air
Of only the last show season
When all of us were there

Manes and tails flying
As they gave it their best shot
Knowing one amoung them
Was seldom ever caught

With several years of high points
For doing what he liked best
He well deserves the praises
He recieved from all the rest

Being devoted to his master
Knowing of his love and care
Held a special bond between them
That only a horse and rider share

And when it came his time to go
To greener pastures on the hill
His "family" as he knew them
were standing by him, still

He was a dear friend, and companion,
Even a listener then and now
And though sometimes contrary,
He was always a pal

Our thoughts will always linger
To the fast pace or rack
When Bert was right beside us...
Never holding back

Bert was one of the best gaited horses ever shown. This poem was sent in by By: K

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