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(by: Helen Eschenbruch)

Christmas is approaching, that old time is near
Maybe I can get new gear
Lets ask mum...or even dad
They wont know that they've been had!
"Please please please: you know I need it
The stuff I've got is simply not fit
For stroppy horses, who rear and buck
Do you want me to fly just like that duck?"

I'll make up a shopping list!
Of all the stuff that I insist
That I have - Christmas morning
Or I really will be storming
Remember that temper of mine?
You never know, just be on time
With all that stuff - it's a long list
Oh, get on with it, you get the gist!

Here goes: Gifts of lead ropes, boots and rugs
And special sprays to ward off bugs,
Feed and brushes, clothes and tack,
Also, maybe, a new hard hat!
Saddle blankets, clean and new,
Shining stuff for cleaning shoes,
Trucking boots, halters, whips,
And make sure that the saddle fits!
Bandages, gamgee, a first-aid kit,
You could even get me a new bit
To go with that bridle, you know the one,
With the price tag that reads '111'
A new jacket, jodhpurs and some gloves,
Clippers, spurs, those chaps I loved.
Maybe a new double float!
To transport my new and special 'goat'
Or go one step further, and you could get
A horse truck for me - one of the best
You know I'll settle for nothing else.
And while you're at it, for my shelf,
Why don't you get, a model horse (or ten!)
And that cool-as horsey pen?
Posters, calendars, books and mags,
What about that horsey bag?

I've had a brainwave! I'll give this letter to Santa
I'll leave it beside his drink of Fanta
But, oh my gosh, it's Christmas eve
Do you think Santa will be peeved?

He will be here in a while
So he can put this in his file
You know - the one with the wish-lists
(Maybe I should give him a kiss
To hurry things up, I can't wait twelve months!)
Oh No . . .  doesn't he bring coal in lumps?
For naughty, scheming, lying kids
Who never tell truths, only fibs?
I must hurry, if I want to get to bed
In time to 'rest' my little head
To get my share of forty winks
Or, at least, that's what he'll think!
And Santa wont catch me awake
(But I'll be secretly watching him eat cake)
Or dreaming about being good next year
(I'll have to, if he's going to bring me all of that gear!)

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