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I Take Responsibility For The Horse Within

I will see that he has every day,
plenty of clean water and good hay.
Shelter from cold, wind and rain
and the ration he needs daily of grain
I'll see to his need for play and exercise.
and Love him, for that is the bind that ties.
I値l teach him and I promise to learn
His trust in me, I値l take time to earn.

He値l not be just a toy that I can afford,
that I forget, except to pay board.
I値l see to his needs day in and day out,
not leaving him in his stall to sulk and pout.

I know that I own him but he too owns me,
I知 responsible to keep him happy and healthy.
He is not a burden, but a lifelong friend.
Not one I値l abandon when his life nears its end.

It was my choice, not his, to have a horse
From that choice his life should be better, not worse.
I値l not ship him off when he痴 too old to ride,
finding excuses and reasons behind which to hide.

Like marriage it was meant to last, not end in divorce.
For that divorce often means the death of the horse.
It is more like a child, the purchase a birth,
a being to care for, a life that has worth.

I acknowledge this commitment with honor and pride,
I値l care for this horse, he痴 not just something to ride.
If the day ever comes, when my promise I can稚 fullfill,
I値l see that he is placed with someone who will.

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