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Forgive Me

-Jacki H.

My sweet boy.

How can you forgive me?

All those times,

I saddled you up…

The girth pinching your belly,

The bridle hurting your ears.

I was foolish and naďve,

My love.
For all I thought of,

Was to please the crowd.

I should have thought about you,

My poor, mistreated boy.

I would ride you,

Not understanding why you weren’t listening,

Or why I couldn’t get it right.

You were too spirited for submission,

And I should have learned it sooner than this.
For now I sit,

My tears obscuring this… bliss.

I would give you treats,

That is all to true,

But no amount of carrot,

Is a substitute for what I put you through.
At least, however,

I know that you did have some joy,


Racing the wind,

In this, we found a happy medium.

I would smile, and laugh.
You would run, and buck.
Together, we were one.

And then…

The spell would break.

You would be tired,

I would be as well.

In those moments of pure joy,

My only true escape from hell.

For this, I loved you.

You stood by me,

Whenever anything went wrong.

You allowed me to play my foolish games,

Yet would put your foot down when I’d had enough.

For all of this,

And a thousand less specific things,

I cherish you.

I… Truly love you, my dear.


For Cee Cutter Linkx, the Palomino Quarter Horse who taught me more than I could have ever dreamed of. In the last year my life has taken an unpleasant turn for the worse, and he is… the remote of the universe to me.

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