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Horse Dictionary

Rein - 1) the long straps attached to the bit used by the rider to control the pony. 2) The direction a rider is going around an arena-being either on the left left rein or the right rein.
Roller - A wide strap used around the belly to keep a rug in place.


Saddletree - The frame around which a saddle is built.
Schooling - Training a horse
Shying - A sudden movement sideways after taking fright.
Sire - The father of a foal.
Snaffle - Largest family of bits, with one ring to each side of the mouthpiece.
Sound - A healthy horse that has no breathing or lameness problems.


Tack - All the items of saddlery used for riding.
Tendons - Tough tissue that connects muscles to bones. In horses, the main tendons run down the back of the cnnon bones in the legs.
Throat latch - The strap on a bridle that goes under the horse's throat
Transition - Changing from one place to another


Vice - A bad or nervous habit.


Withers - The top of the shoulder blade, which forms a bony ridge at the base of the neck. Horses and ponies are measured from the ground to the highest point of the withers.

Yearly - A one year old horse.


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