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Worldwide Horse Breeds

Welcome to our horse breeds pages!

We have tried to find information on all breeds from all all the world, including new and upcoming breeds. Most of our pages will automatically forward you to the breeds registry or association. That way, if you are interested in a certain breed and want more information, you can contact them directly. If you know of a breed that we do not have listed, please feel free email us with the information.  

Below, we have added some registries and associations that we hope may be also be helpful to you. Let us know if you would like to add yours today!

Breed Associations, Clubs, & Registries


Akhal-Teke Assoc. of America Azteca Horse Owners Assn.,Inc.
Akhal-Teke Network The Belgian Draft Horse Corp. of Am
Appaloosa Horse Club International Buckskin Horse Assoc.
Arabian Breeders Association International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association
Arabian Horse Registry of America National Arabian Racehorse Association
International Arabian Horse Assoc.  
Azteca Horse Association of Canada   
American Azteca Horse International   


The Caspian Horse Society of the Am. American Darmoor Association
The National Chincoteague Pony As. Dun Horse & Pony Society (UK)
Cleveland Bay Horse Society of NA The Dales Pony Society of America
American Bashkir Curly Association Okl. Draft Horse and Mule Assoc.
American Connemara Pony Society Clydesdale Horse Association of Canada
American Cream Draft Horse Foun. Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.
Canadian Curly Horse Association  


Irish Draught Horse Society of NA  


Friesian Horse Assoc. of North Am. Canadian Fjord Horse Association
Friesan Horse Society ("FHS") Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry
Fjord Horse Registry of Scotland
Australian Friesian Horse Society  
International Generic Horse Association  


American Hanoverian Society  
American Holsteiner Horse Assoc.  


Kisber Felver & Gidran Assoc. of NA Mountain Saddle Horse Association


Missouri Fox Trotter Breed Assoc. United States Lipizzan Registry
The Morab Horse Association American Miniature Horse Association
Purebred Morab Horse Association Canadian Morgan Horse Association 
International Morab Breeders Assoc. British Morgan Horse Society
Morgan Single-Footing Horse Association American Morgan Horse Association
Mountain Horse Connection Spanish Mustang Registry




American Paint Horse Association The Newfoundland Pony Society
Palomino Breeders of America Peruvian Paso Horse Registry of NA
Paso Fino Horse Association Pony of the Americas Club, Inc.
Paso Fino.Com Mississippi Quarter Horse Association
Pinto Horse Association Western Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association
The American Quarter Horse Assoc. American Association of Peruvian Paso Horses
Texas Quarter Horse Association National Foundation Quarter Horse Association
International Quarter Pony Association


Racking Horse Breeders Assoc.of Am American Shetland Pony Club
Rocky Mountain Horse Association American Shire Horse Association
American Saddlebred Association The American Suffolk Horse Assoc.
American Shetland Pony Club National Racking Horse Association
Canadian Shire Horse Association
The Shagya Arabian Horse


Tennessee Walker Horse Assoc.  
The Tiger Horse Association  
American Trakehner Association  
Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association  


American Warmblood Society  
Swedish Warmblood Association NA  



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