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Arabian Prince
(Submitted by: Courtney O.)

You seek a Arabian stallion in a desert,
He is a prince that is unknown to mankind.
Seems almost unreal, this Arabian prince,
The prince is a great fantasy of your mind.

His robes are a lovely bay coat,
His crown is a star upon his face.
His knights are his faithful herd,
His palace is in this desert place.

At night he wanders with his herd,
His eyes glitter under the starlit sky.
This Arabian prince fights a war,
He is trying to win, so he might die.

He battles the winds who try to capture him,
Just for his beauty in grace, but he is free.
As a foal he roamed the desert as he wished,
He is the Arabian prince, and so he will be.

As he rears and snorts loudly,
He warns the sky to flee.
For it doesn't know his power,
And says he will stay free.

His tail swishes his powerful flanks,
His long forelock covers his flaring eyes.
His mane lands on his elegant neck,
The prince has truly come from the skies.

So on the Arabian prince will rule,
Forever in the deserts he will stay.
You may see him in your dreams,
But never will you meet him someday.

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