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A Horse Once Loved
(Submitted by: )

I used to be a happy horse
A family nice and true
My owner came and said to me
"You know, I really love you"

I was always hayed and fed
and before each night was done
she came along and kissed my nose
and tucked me in for bed

The days and weeks went by
and less of her I saw
"I wonder where she went" I thought
"Why's she not here by my side?"

I was hungry, cold and weak
I hadn't been feed in days
all I could do was shiver and stare
and think and hope and pray

The weeks turned into months
my ribs showed through my skin
I was getting weaker by the second
Very thin

I am taking my last breath now
being looked out for by a dove
I now am a lifeless horse
A horse who once was loved.

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