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I Wish I Could

This is a poem I (Regan Radkte) wrote about Garth, who is a thereapeutic riding horse in the Naples Equestrian Challenge. He is a sweet, bay American Miniature Horse (we call him a pony anyway), who always seems to be dreaming about something! Here you go:

I Wish I Could Be

"For Garth, the wonder-pony of the Naples Equestrian Challenge"

I wish I could be a Thoroughbred, and run like a flash,
Towards the finish on Derby Day, I would surely love to dash.

I wish I could be a dressage horse, trotting a figure eight across the sand,
Dancing canters and pirouettes surely would be grand.

I wish I could be a show jumper, leaping oh so high,
Over the toughest jumps, surely I could fly.

I wish I could be a mustang, and graze beneath the trees,
Galloping over dusty trails, and whatever else I please.

I wish I could be a stock horse, cutting cows from the herd,
I'd amaze all my spectators, and they wouldn't say a word.

I wish I could be a Clydesdale, and pull a cart with pride,
I would please my driver so much, his whip wouldn't need to touch my hide.

I wish I could be a Saddlebred, and prance around the ring,
To feel a sash across my neck would surely make me sing.

I wish I could be a Pegasus, and soar into the night,
I would leap into the air, beneath the silver moonlight.

I wish I could be a Quarter Horse, stopping on a dime,
I would love to say something more, but I can't finish out this rhyme.

I wish I could be a lot of things, but doubt I ever will,
You see I'm just a pony, but I'll keep on dreaming still.

By Regan Radtke

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