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Born June 9, 1959, I am a classical music composer and violist. I graduated from Texas Tech University with my Ph.D. in Fine Arts - Music Composition on August 15, 1998.  With interests in all the fine arts, I created a a dissertation combining the analytical study of art and creation of a musical composition.  The ultimate goal was have a performance of a musical work which was inspired by art, with choreography and projections of the paintings.  You can see more on my work in the dissertation section.

As for me personally, I love music, teaching, out doors activities, photography (especially of art works), and being with friends.  Musically, I have performed with various regional and local symphonies as a section violist (bigger than a violin),  composed various styles of works for high school orchestra, chamber ensembles, and chamber orchestras, and taught school.

For the outdoors, I love to sail my Hobbie Cat, cycle, or hike/ backpack.  All of these I do very little because of lack of time while I was in school and now a lack of time while I work to earn a living.  Am looking for every opportunity now to get out and feel nature around me.

I've surfed the net for a couple of years now and am finally constructing my web site.  Be careful because the debis is scattered around and could be hazardous to your surfing.  The two pages other pages currently open are "Music Inspired by Art" and "Photography Interests."  So have a look and let me know how I am doing.  Your comments are also welcome.  Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon.

Kevin Dean Jagoe, Ph.D.

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****My Multimedia Presentation Director 7 project, "Dance of Life," from The College Music Society - Summer Music Technology Institute. Hosted by Office of Research in Arts Technology, Illinois State University, June 11 to June 16, 1999