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The Teacher

There's a story to tell,
if you care to listen
In his big kind eyes
there's a mischievous glisten.

In his younger days
I'm sure he was wild,
Runnin' and buckin' 
like a bratty child.

I think he understands,
you gotta cut loose
And fly like the wind
by the seat o'yer caboose.

He's a good teacher
'cause he's not rigid to rules.
He allows me to learn
or look like a fool.

He's bigger than me
and twice my age.
He gently guides me 
through each learnin' stage.

When I make a mistake
he don't throw a fit.
When the goin' gets tough
I know he won't quit.

He don't get upset
when I spur him too hard.
If he pins his ears
I know I've gone too far.

When I go out to catch him
and the halter's a tangle,
He just stands there waitin'
till I get the right angle.

'Round our barn
all the younger horses
Are learnin' his ways
by takin' his courses.

But after he's gone
all the others I'll compare
To his disposition
and his gentle care.

God took great care
creating this creature
He gave him patience
to be my teacher.

-- written by Suzette --

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