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Return to Me

Submitted by: Stephanie Oliphant

I don't know where you are right now
Or who is riding you
I can only hope that you'll be back
After your trial is through
I realize now that I took for granted
The time we had together
If only you come back to me
This time will be even better
I won't tack you up and ride you
As if you will be there every day
I will savor every moment with you
I will love you more than words can say
As I think of every memory
I feel the tears well up in my eyes
Because you might never come back
And you are my one true prize
I can't stand this too much longer
I need to know very soon
Will you be coming back?
Or does my waiting make me a buffoon?
It would be hard to live without you
It's been tough enough so far
It hurts me to look into your stall
And see another horse behind those bars
I'll never forget our first and only show together
And the way we came out beaming with a blue
And how well you did in the trail class
I was and still am so very proud of you
I always did my absolute best
To groom you and keep you clean
I constantly made sure you were comfortable
And I tried never to be mean
If you come back you will never be alone
I'll be with you almost every day
You will once again be my top priority
My world will revolve around you in every way
But if you happen to be bought
And not return to me
I want you to know that I love you
And in my heart you'll always be

This poem was written by me, Stephanie Oliphant, for my trainer's horse Rosebud. I grew very attatched to this horse over this past winter and summer. I trained her to jump well and go quietly. She was only 4 years old. She's an Appaloosa/Quarter Horse and much more beautiful and eye catching than you are probably thinking. She is mostly chestnut with slight white spots all over her body. She has a stripe down her face and a sock on her left hind. I was told by many that she has nice confirmation, but it makes no difference to me. I love her for who she is, not only what she looks like. Rosebud was sent to a dealer three months ago to be sold to a new owner because I was going to buy her, but I just could not handle the financial part of owning a horse. I tried though. I calculated and got a job and saved money, but it was just not enough. My trainer even dropped the price for me, but I still just couldn't do it. She has been there for three months and people have looked at her, but no one bought her. On Monday, October the 25th my trainer, her dog, her friend and I were ging to pick Rosebud up from the dealer. An hour or so before we left, my trainer called the dealer to let him know that we were bringing up a different horse for him to sell. It was then that we were told that Rosebud was out on a trial with people that are interested in buying her. I was taken aback and heartbroken as soon as I was told. I was so very depressed, disappointed, and even a bit outraged because these people finally decide to possibly buy this horse after she has been there three months and we were just about to go pick her up. So, she is still on that trial as of today, October 30th, and now 5 years old. And there is still no sign of whether she will be coming back to my barn or a signed check will be arriving instead. I can only hope and pray that my beloved Rosebud will return to me. Until I find out, I have only the memory of her to live off of.

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