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Life With A Miniature Horse
by: Linda Hodges-Rodriguez - Havenbrook Miniature Horse Farm - Dubre, KY.

You whinnied shrilly to your playmates as I led you away
Seeming so tiny and helpless when I bought you that day
I taught you to come when called and to lead
You learned so quickly as I saw to your needs
Soon becoming a beloved member of our family
With your character and style it was quite easy
Always the center of attention wherever we go
The darling of schools, nursing homes, parades, and shows
You stand steadily to be stroked by Grandma's trembling, loving hand
But prance and dance in the parades to the sound of the band
You were patiently there through it all
When my spirit soared high or plummeted in a fall
When the time came for my Grandmother to die
You shared in my grief as in your stall I cried
Alone, your mane soaked with tears, I said my good-bye
She had finally shed her frail body, now her spirit could fly!
I'm uncertain of just when the roles were reversed
When the caretaker became the taken care of, I'm just not sure
A friend is someone to cherish with a heart of pure gold
A friend listens patiently and keeps your secrets untold
I have found respite in the sweet pungent smell of your hide
I've known solace when I look into your all knowing eyes
You were there whickering softly each time I came near
Always ready to hear my joy, sorrow, or fears
If I had it to do all over again I'd choose the same course
And share my life, love, and family with a Miniature Horse!!

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