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Cowgirls Never Quit

Come on in here, cowboy, and have yourself a seat,
There are a few friends I'd like you to meet.
Why, now, here comes Bobbi Sue with her long brown
hair and eyes so blue.

What I'm about to say may shock even you.
You see Bobbi's into racing, running like the wind.
All her thrill and excitement, contained to the very end.
That's just one reason, just as sure as there you sit,
To show you that she'll never stop 'cause COWGIRLS NEVER QUIT

And coming now is ol' Melanie Lou,
One time into the ring she flew-
So fast even she couldn't believe,
How many people this great horse had deceived.
You see, they say it could not be rode,
That was, of course, until of it Melanie got a hold.
Sure she's fallen off but right back up she'd get,
Because as we all know, COWGIRLS NEVER QUIT.

Oh, now here comes Abigail Lynn,
With all her freckles and big, huge grin.
You'd never guess that once she was bucked so hard,
She flew from the ring out back into the front yard.
Well, she was sure hurting and mighty upset, 
But, until you see Abby get mad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

She got right back up, and grabbed those reins so tight,
You can bet that horse will never forget that night.
And to this day it takes every cue,
Even one coming from and amateur like you.
Here's three words you should never forget,

-- written by Staci--

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