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My Little Buckskin

Submitted by: Paula

When you came into my heart you were just a child,
My 2 year old filly was untrained and wild.
With some grooming and care, training and tlc,
My love for you grew greater, as you began to love me.
When your in need, I am and will always be there,
Just to prove my trust is true and to say that I care.
All I do is look at your face and i can see what you say,
Whether it's hello, I am doing fine, or I don't feel so good today.
Its amazing what I can tell you, any secret is safe with you,
I know you'd NEVER betray me, like my most my friends would do.
You're faithful, loyal, caring and sweet
You take a bow, and lift your leg just for a treat!
I can wait for hours for a friend to call
But there's my sweet loving horse waiting for me in her stall.
My little buckskin horse is more valuable to me than gold,
I will never give her up, I'll watch her get gray and old.
And when her time comes to say good-bye,
I'll just have the memories of us to carry inside.
'Cause I love my horse with all my heart,
And our wild hearts can never be split apart.


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