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As He Slips Away

I held him in my arms so tight,
Through the darkness and fury of the night.
I pushed a lock of hair into its place,
I knew that he would not win this race.
All of the years that he had been my friend,
The long journey had finally come to an end.
As I brush my tears away,
I remember those special days.
We would gallop through fields from sunrise to sunset,
We knew that both of us would never forget.
All day and all night,
We would gallop on without a single fight.
As he took in his final breath, 
I knew that it meant he had an easy death.
As I shut his eyelids tight, 
He disappeared into the stormy night.
I saw his soul gallop off happy and content,
As I whispered into his ear "Goodbye, my friend."

-- written by Natasha --

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