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Peanut and Harrison's World

Here is a page devoted to my two dogs Peanut (a dachshund) and Harrison (a bichon frise) and my two cats R.W. and Paw (maine coon cat).

The links are now updated and working. We hope to have a new look to the website soon.
A documentary film by Cynthia Wade called Shelter Dogs will appear on HBO on January 27th 7:30 pm (ET/PT).

Recommended Book for Pet Lovers: "Texas Dog Lovers Campanion." You can find it in the Travel or State sections of your local bookstore.

Peanut's Story

Harrison's Story

Paw and R.W.'s Story

Picture Gallery

About Dachshunds

About Bichon Frises

About Cats

General Sites for Cats AND Dogs

Texas Rescue and Animal Shelters

Things You Can Learn From a Dog

Ways to Show Your Pets You Love Them

Information About Puppy Mills

Ways to Help Your Local Shelter

List of Things That Are Posionous to Animals

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