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2/5/01 3:54:20 AM !!!First Boot!!!





so what did the mitosis say to the doctor mitosis lady? ive got a splitting headache. i just made that up. im a comedy making guy. booooooooo!

good luck and god speed

for the most part i dont like photos. far too contrived and plane. and i cannot think of any more contrived picture than the class picture. it would certainly not conjure any memory i would merrit worthy of my cash. bah! to the entire system! but i am happy you purchesed them and will enjoy them. ah memories...

you should take your grounding and do lots of running away and fleeing the scene. thatll learn em parental types that they are all parental and you are all young and incorrigible.

i waited till the weekend was almost to its end to write back for the purpose of having something to write. you asked what i was doing this weekend and if i had answered when i first read the mail the reply would have been, 'i do not have plans.' nobody in the entirety of existence would want an email of that caliber. now that the weekend has come to a close i can regale you with the things that happenstance and impulsive shenanigans hath wrot me. friday (2.2.01) i woke up around 3 oclock and ate 5 bowls of cereal. it was honey bunches of oats but i put chocolate chips and walnuts on it. 2 out of the 5 bowls had whipped cream. i think i had some kiwi on one of them. after the fifth bowl i collapsed on the floor. i was far too full. i had glutted more than i could handle. a short while after my collapse, the phone rang. i clawed over to it and switched info. i then went to ramon ramirez ropa usada and met up with ronnie and weston. we rummaged through the clothes for a while then went to the other used such and stuff place across the street. then we went to jasons deli. i had a very small cup of soup which i didnt finish. i was still pumped with the cereal. i knocked over some potted plants. we then bought tickets for crouching tiger, hidden dragon. we then hung at kafecitos till it was movie time. crouching tiger, hidden dragon is a grand grand grand flick. i like it. im fond of it. if that movie was interested in having my first born i would definitely think it over with massive consideration. saturday morning i went to edinburg via a ride from my greatuncle who is down from alaska. he dropped my off at the stadium and i did that 10k fun run. that was moderately all right. i wouldnt recommend it to anyone that is missing the will to run for fun. afterwards i took a shower. when i was all cleaned and dry and good i felt downright cloudly and tasty euphoric. i then went to watch crouching tiger, hidden dragon again. i often watch movies i like more than once. thats right im a moron! i rip raced over to the theater and when i pulled into the parking lot i noticed that a friend of mines truck was there. i assumed he was there with his girlfriend. when i got in and was one my way into the specific theater i saw my friend and he was with a dude. i snuck up behind them and jump over one of them. they were zowed with neatness. i told them what i was going to see. jesse (the dude with the truck) showed me his new shoes. theyre called heelys and they are shoes with skates built into them. really omega neat. they were about to go see the wedding planner but i yelled and told them to ditch that movie and come see crouching tiger, hidden dragon with me. they obliged. they werent really going to go see the wedding planner, they were going to see the gift, but i riled them up and scuffled their head so much that they just walked into the nearest door when we were to go our separate ways. so in a way i saved their lives. i rule! they both liked crouching tiger, hidden dragon, with good cause because its a grand grand grand flick as i described before. afterwards they invited me to go to jesses house and gamble. i said no because i was supposed to go and eat with my familial gang. when i got home people had left without me so i went to jesses to gamble. i lost 36 dollars. id like to blame my loosing on bad luck or the fact that i had had a massive bad headache since i had left the theater but i know it was my lack of gambling soul. i ate a bag of cheese bugles. those are good. im going to buy them sometime and eat them again. jesse let me try his heeley skate shoes. theyre a little tricky at first but once i got the hang it was mad wack falling rolling fun. today (sunday, 2.4.01) my mother asked me to chop wood, so i chopped wood. she made ribs for dinner. she also made twice baked potatoes, marinated green beans, and some sort of evil dish containing mayonnaise. all the hoopla was because my greatuncle is leaving tomorrow (2.5.01). when my mom was starting the fire i came down the back stairs and the cat ran across my path and i tripped over it and i fell into the little pond near the bottom of the stairs. i think i kicked the cat pretty hard too. i was completely covered in stagnant deadly pond scum and goo water. i stripped and went and took a shower. that was some nasty water. i wish i hadnt tried to lick myself clean before i opted for s shower. ILIKETOCHANGE! dinner was good. after dinner this nurse my mom worked with a few times int the past came over. shes a mormon. shes annoying. she came over to show us her daughters wedding pictures. we dont know her well, and i cant imagine why she thinks we give a fuck. she rudely interrupted the conversation with my grandmother greatuncle and such. they eventually left. i think shes a psycho lesbian that has a crush on my mom. but thats just my opinion. yeah so that was my weekend in the abridged form. i left out the flying, writhing, jumping, winning, drawing, emancipating, evacuating, elevating, pontificating, worm eating, and other such shenanigans so as to not cause a traffic jam on the information highway.

btw: because of that extremely orange outfit i now declare us enemies forever until no more and down with it all, schazam!... im sorry