if tautological was sold in bag form...


1/11/01 1:17:31 AM !!!First Boot!!!





last night i was in the middle of cleaning my room with hardcore gusto and this dude came over and took me away. he drives a brand new jetta with a mad wack fantastic sound system and i let him burn my recently acquired hard house techno cd from england. that was some key cruising. he needed help filming his project deal for mission high school. i played garth in a spoof on waynes world. i didnt get home until 1 and i was still a long away from the cleanliness i so desired. i cleaned for another 3 hours. in the final moments i implemented the "quiet storm." its our recently purchased vacuum cleaner. its powerful and quiet. i found myself vacuuming places where it was evident that there was no filth purely for the excitement of harnessing the power of the "quiet storm." im sorry i just think its a ridiculously humorous name for a vacuum cleaner. kudos to samsungs marketing team for that one.
============== ive never been very fond of pickles. im not much into that heavy salt consumption scene. i prefer the pickle before it is ruined in brine-------> the cucumber. when i was in england i stocked up on high quality market food for the on coming christmas shutdown. and when i say high quality i mean high quality. these were about two feet in length cucumbers and the sign read, "high quality ques" i bought 4. i also bought some bagets and the best bree ive ever had. that fair lasted me the three shut out consumer christmas days. if ever there is a food thats difficult to digest that really tickles my fancy its a cucumber.

what sort of classamabobs you got going on this semester? any ty kwan foo noodle, ah never mind, whoa!

in p.e. we had the run of the mill first day boreathon curtesy of mr. simons and then we got some free for all action. i played volley ball and on the other team were these two med high girls and one of them would say something every time someone cursed. what is up with that? are you offended by curse words? if so i regret to inform you i have been influenced by both my hippie parents tongues.

my day was as the days go. my schedule was less that what i wanted. none of the changes i had requested last semester had been implemented so i got out half an hour early from second period and had to wait well into to lunch to get my scholastic groove properly in order. i then had to go talk to hansen the librarian. she asked me to tutor some sort of software something or other in exchange for "benefits." i dont know what thats all about. since your mother was wise enough to not allow you on an outing with me i figured id sneak in some high quality que (vanessa) time. i mean your mother cant be everywhere, or can she? (rah!) to my dismay i was unable to locate you. i checked the lounge and the cafeteria only to later find out you were where, with the skaters, behind the school, at med high?, saving mars from blowing up, that must be it. if you would allow, i could really dig some fish hang time. see how the other half live.

hansen, or as some mean spirited people like to refer to her as, the chin, surprised me with a peasant surprise (theres no surprise like a pleasant surprise, mind you). about a month ago i found ten dollars (two fives) just lying on the ground next to the magazines. as i picked it up i went through some sort of moral or deal thing and i decided that i didnt *need* ten dollars so i turned it in to the circular desk. later that week hansen gave me five bucks back and saying no one had come to claim it and that she was going to give it till this semester, and she did and no none came to claim it so she gave me the rest of the doe. so i got five dollars for free. thats the best price ive ever paid for five dollars. not to mention all the undeserved respect she now has for me. i went immediately to the school store with intentions of buying 5 dollars worth of almond m&ms (my fav) and dispersing them in order to spread the joy of undeserved money. to my dismay they only had 4 packs. i bought those and threw them to lookers on and there was a mad rush and that was the end of that.

i called your house at about 6 and some non english speaking person indicated that vanessa was not available. what a shame.