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12/31/00 2:21:42 AM !!!First Boot!!!





i know vanessa starts with a v and it tears me up inside.

my trip had it moments. at points it was mad wack fantastic. i think i intend to do it again if ever the funds and time make themselves available. i went with a sort of travel group so i got a few benefits out of that. it allowed for a private viewage and touchage of stonehenge. i totally dug that. ive wanted to see stonehenge since i was a tike and it more than lived up to what i had imagined. i saw a bunch of cathedrals and touristy shit. i wasnt too key on being a tourist. i took few pictures and concentrated more on actually being there. i saw some neat this and thats at the tate modern. i dig the contemporary. i went to a few clubs. those were mad wack allllllll right. live djs and the whole bit. and the dancing fools were knock down stupendous. im talkin flips and fire and whirlwinds yet again mad wack fantastic. my room mate in the hotel was some 30 year old computer programmer. real nice guy. my only complaints was the rather pungent defecating and the snoring. other than that it went well. free room tea! perhaps the nicest thing was being away from my parents.

this guy shaved his head.
my friend from san antonio is down from san antonio and he has a recently moved out of house at his disposal and there may be a party of a different sort on tuesday the 2nd. i was told to invite you. you are invited. i dont know how well thatll be.