that was the way to bestow


12/30/00 6:40:51 AM !!!First Boot!!!





hey comma yo i am the back.

thank you for the mail concerning the holiday time. very appropriate and spectacular political correctness. hooha.

last i remember we had an agreement to go out. i dig.
nosey side note* what are you doing having an interest in the senior sort? they are highly over rated. --> socially dysfunctional arrogant assholes with a malfeasance factor of at least 9.25.*
---karate chop!---
whats your scene? i dont know you.
where do you live. im only slightly keyed in on your name.
pk <<conv->> movie >>>> s >>>> eating <<-entional>> ┐┐┐┐
rent out europa for the night (i hear its lovely this time of year)
walks, obstacle ┐jumping. frolic and make some trouble?
even w/ so
bother you?: the vehicle i have access to does not have hydraulics and a sound system to rival pompeii.

oh, do get back to me on it all, doll