handzah (11:18:29 PM): my cracker stash is all out
vorange4 (11:18:52 PM): im hungry
handzah (11:19:02 PM): im sorry
vorange4 (11:19:02 PM): and i neveer had a stash
handzah (11:19:11 PM): oh you should get one
vorange4 (11:19:29 PM): i think so too
handzah (11:19:56 PM): theyre all the rage on the east coast
vorange4 (11:21:08 PM): me too
handzah (11:21:20 PM): you are!
handzah (11:21:22 PM): you know
handzah (11:21:31 PM): youre all the rage in Wyomig too
vorange4 (11:21:38 PM): bam!
vorange4 (11:21:49 PM): with the yelling and the hitting
handzah (11:21:50 PM): bababam
vorange4 (11:21:52 PM): quite the rage
handzah (11:21:56 PM): sol
vorange4 (11:31:52 PM): i redid my cork board
vorange4 (11:32:00 PM): it is so done again
handzah (11:32:11 PM): i didnt know you had a cork board
handzah (11:32:15 PM): did i see it?
vorange4 (11:32:18 PM): oh i have one
handzah (11:32:27 PM): GREAT
vorange4 (11:32:34 PM): its the first thing you see as you enter my room
handzah (11:32:53 PM): on the opposite wall?
vorange4 (11:32:59 PM): yes
handzah (11:33:38 PM): i recall a mirror with a sean on it
vorange4 (11:33:49 PM): left of that
handzah (11:34:17 PM): oh oh
handzah (11:34:43 PM): with your improvisional wall o dex
vorange4 (11:34:58 PM): right
handzah (11:35:10 PM): yeah, im on top now
handzah (11:37:47 PM): im taking chris'?kaylas personality test
handzah (11:37:53 PM): /
vorange4 (11:38:13 PM): why is it theirs
handzah (11:38:38 PM): chris sent it to me, kayla interested chris in it
vorange4 (11:38:43 PM): oh
handzah (11:44:39 PM): am i more gentle than firm, or more firm than gentle
vorange4 (11:45:02 PM): more fentle than girm
handzah (11:45:09 PM): thank you
handzah (11:45:16 PM): am i?
handzah (11:45:22 PM): how that
handzah (11:46:35 PM): im a core idealist
vorange4 (11:47:05 PM): so did you win?
handzah (11:47:21 PM): mh hm
handzah (11:47:30 PM): did you?
vorange4 (11:47:34 PM): slightly
handzah (11:47:42 PM): how that?
vorange4 (11:47:59 PM): its inb the grey area
handzah (11:48:22 PM): did you take the assesment too?
vorange4 (11:48:28 PM): no
vorange4 (11:48:43 PM): thats whats so grey about it
handzah (11:48:44 PM): then how is it in the grey area
handzah (11:48:55 PM): ohhh
handzah (11:49:00 PM): deep
handzah (11:49:11 PM): [snap snap snap]
handzah (11:50:40 PM): oh you
handzah (11:50:50 PM): i didnt realize you typed grim
handzah (11:50:58 PM): so clever!
vorange4 (11:52:36 PM): i typed girm
handzah (11:52:38 PM): what are you doing now
handzah (11:52:41 PM): yeah
vorange4 (11:52:56 PM): not grim
handzah (11:52:57 PM): oh
handzah (11:53:04 PM): grim would have been funnier
vorange4 (11:53:16 PM): yeah but im not a funny person
handzah (11:53:47 PM): oh, yeah, sorry im uh illerate, acually, im dictating right now and my secreaty is typing for me
handzah (11:54:09 PM): he is such a bad speller
vorange4 (11:54:15 PM): youre up high in the coporate world
handzah (11:54:30 PM): and how
handzah (11:56:53 PM): if you could, would you go back to 1957 or 67, you only have those years as your option
vorange4 (11:57:07 PM): no
handzah (11:57:15 PM): no what
vorange4 (11:57:25 PM): i wouldnt go back
handzah (11:57:29 PM): why not
vorange4 (11:57:43 PM): because its all in the past
handzah (11:58:07 PM): arnt there thing that you wernt around for that you would have like to expeirnece
vorange4 (11:58:13 PM): id know nothing of prince or chocolate super bombs
handzah (11:58:25 PM): besides, youd be able to come back
handzah (11:58:30 PM): and its hypothetical
vorange4 (11:58:32 PM): i dont know much about that time
vorange4 (11:58:39 PM): ok
vorange4 (11:58:40 PM): ill go
handzah (11:58:50 PM): beetnick, or hippie
vorange4 (11:59:13 PM): beatnik
handzah (11:59:22 PM): me too
handzah (11:59:43 PM): i watched the documentary today on new york in the 50s
handzah (11:59:59 PM): everybidy drank and smoked!
handzah (12:02:24 AM): ah good times good times
handzah (12:02:35 AM): im envious of kayla,
vorange4 (12:02:38 AM): why
handzah (12:03:11 AM): there a lot more of a colorful scene in new york than in corvallis
vorange4 (12:03:24 AM): oh right, of course
handzah (12:03:28 AM): she has manhattin, grenish village, harlem
handzah (12:03:51 AM): how bout you...
handzah (12:04:00 AM): new york or new orleans
vorange4 (12:04:07 AM): new york
handzah (12:04:52 AM): i dont know, new orleans is smaller and has all the culture, and im a big jazz fan
vorange4 (12:05:11 AM): im not much into jazz
handzah (12:05:26 AM): eh
handzah (12:05:42 AM): you just havent heard the right stuff
vorange4 (12:05:53 AM): probably
vorange4 (12:06:07 AM): my dad listens to a lot of jazz
handzah (12:06:29 AM): new york is cool though, especially for those of us aspiring to be hair tribe members
vorange4 (12:06:42 AM): right!
vorange4 (12:06:44 AM): like me
handzah (12:06:55 AM): and me!

handzah (12:07:00 AM): bam!
handzah (12:07:31 AM): so... the newest mrs robinson, was the leg from the movie
vorange4 (12:10:59 AM): what movie
handzah (12:11:10 AM): the graduatle
vorange4 (12:11:50 AM): theres a new movie
vorange4 (12:11:54 AM): ?
handzah (12:12:39 AM): no the stage show in london
vorange4 (12:12:54 AM): its jerry hall
handzah (12:12:54 AM): you saw it
handzah (12:12:59 AM): no no
handzah (12:13:02 AM): hold on
vorange4 (12:13:48 AM): the one i saw jerry hall was mrs. robinson
handzah (12:14:01 AM): its changed
vorange4 (12:14:07 AM): oh ok
handzah (12:14:26 AM): its linda grey now
vorange4 (12:14:38 AM): oh! linda grey!
handzah (12:14:49 AM): until feb 2
handzah (12:14:56 AM): she was on dallas
vorange4 (12:15:43 AM): i think i should go to bed
handzah (12:15:46 AM): the previous mrs robinson was amanda donohoe
handzah (12:15:50 AM): phfa
handzah (12:15:53 AM): alright
vorange4 (12:15:59 AM): donohoe?
vorange4 (12:16:02 AM): thats a funny name
handzah (12:16:12 AM): yeah, jerry hall was before that
handzah (12:16:23 AM): anyway, good night pet
vorange4 (12:16:31 AM): g'nit