vorange4 (11:08:24 PM): mmm psycho
handzah (11:08:47 PM): american?
vorange4 (11:08:54 PM): yeah
handzah (11:09:07 PM): oh the best kind
handzah (11:11:09 PM): so...
vorange4 (11:11:26 PM): i was eatina twix when the second plane hit
vorange4 (11:12:54 PM): i was eatin a second twix when the plane hit the pentagon
vorange4 (11:13:15 PM): this national tragedy has brought me closer to twix
handzah (11:13:19 PM): did lots of bomb twixin it sounds like
vorange4 (11:13:59 PM): sure
handzah (11:15:17 PM): so the flags were flown at half mast today
vorange4 (11:15:29 PM): with good cause
handzah (11:15:34 PM): ahol
handzah (11:16:05 PM): does this whole thing make you feel more patriotic?
vorange4 (11:16:20 PM): im not sure what i feel
vorange4 (11:16:25 PM): if anything
handzah (11:16:53 PM): yeah
vorange4 (11:17:02 PM): it seems quite surreal
handzah (11:17:20 PM): when i was in the car going to get gas, i kept thinking about the fall of the roman empire
handzah (11:17:39 PM): and how there are so many specualtions about the fall of the american empire
handzah (11:17:43 PM): maybe this isit
vorange4 (11:18:16 PM): perhaps
vorange4 (11:18:23 PM): i hope we dont go to war
vorange4 (11:18:27 PM): i dont want to go to war
handzah (11:18:30 PM): we will
handzah (11:18:40 PM): its garunteed
vorange4 (11:18:58 PM): blasted!
handzah (11:19:09 PM): the only way we wont is if its domestic terrism
handzah (11:19:45 PM): are you afraid of getting drafted?
vorange4 (11:19:57 PM): oh im registered
handzah (11:20:14 PM): i'll tell you what
handzah (11:20:22 PM): if you get drafted, i'll inlist
vorange4 (11:20:34 PM): thanks!
vorange4 (11:20:51 PM): im going to canada
handzah (11:21:28 PM): im going to oregon
vorange4 (11:21:55 PM): dont forget your cactus
handzah (11:22:04 PM): i dont have one
vorange4 (11:22:49 PM): then how do you expect to inlist
handzah (11:23:20 PM): well shit
handzah (11:23:28 PM): thats foiled
handzah (11:24:41 PM): you know,
handzah (11:24:53 PM): you've been pretty illusive as of late
vorange4 (11:25:15 PM): i got new roller skates
handzah (11:26:24 PM): so thats why i havent heard from you in so long
vorange4 (11:27:11 PM): that and ive been sleeping a lot
handzah (11:27:55 PM): oh
vorange4 (11:28:23 PM): well not so much as a lot but at hours condoned by society
handzah (11:28:51 PM): oh
vorange4 (11:29:06 PM): i got up at 6 this morning
handzah (11:29:24 PM): i got up at 7:50
handzah (11:29:32 PM): why did you get up at 6
vorange4 (11:29:40 PM): i dont know
vorange4 (11:29:46 PM): but it surprizes me
handzah (11:29:59 PM): ibet
handzah (11:30:25 PM): i surprised me when i was up at 7:50 too
handzah (11:30:32 PM): probably not for the same reasons though
vorange4 (11:30:45 PM): what was your reason
handzah (11:31:25 PM): my mom came down stairs in histerics, yelling to bill about school and war
handzah (11:31:36 PM): i woke up and came out
handzah (11:31:43 PM): and then watched tv alllllll day
handzah (11:31:48 PM): highly productive
handzah (11:31:53 PM): really1
vorange4 (11:32:19 PM): they had the stuff on all the tvs at school
handzah (11:32:32 PM): and at my house
handzah (11:32:36 PM): alllllll day
vorange4 (11:33:58 PM): i got so sick of it i slept in the library for a few hours
vorange4 (11:34:11 PM): and then read two chapters in a book i understood nothing about
handzah (11:34:27 PM): i got so sick of it that i watched a musical
vorange4 (11:34:33 PM): heh
handzah (11:34:39 PM): or at least part of it
handzah signed off at 11:37:01 PM.
handzah signed on at 11:37:05 PM.
handzah (11:37:33 PM): sorry
vorange4 (11:37:42 PM): its aight
handzah (11:38:01 PM): thanks so much.
handzah (11:38:10 PM): i'll make it up i promise
vorange4 (11:38:19 PM): rockin
handzah (11:38:39 PM): what do i need to do
vorange4 (11:39:33 PM): you could tweek my roller skates
handzah (11:39:42 PM): done
vorange4 (11:45:56 PM): "i have to return some video tapes"
handzah (11:46:04 PM): whats that
vorange4 (11:46:15 PM): from american psycho
handzah (11:46:49 PM): good?
vorange4 (11:47:01 PM): im liking it
handzah (11:47:10 PM): im glad
handzah (11:48:36 PM): kayla told me it rained today
vorange4 (11:48:56 PM): wet
vorange4 (11:49:04 PM): i didnt get raind on though
handzah (11:49:27 PM): thats to bad
handzah (11:52:45 PM): ...........
vorange4 (11:53:10 PM): my garage is clean
handzah (11:53:19 PM): thats good
vorange4 (11:53:24 PM): yeah
handzah (11:53:44 PM): did you do it
vorange4 (11:53:49 PM): yeah
vorange4 (11:53:55 PM): with the help of my mom
handzah (11:53:59 PM): im glad
vorange4 (11:53:59 PM): but mostly me
handzah (11:54:12 PM): what a guy
handzah (11:54:59 PM): im distressed
vorange4 (11:55:19 PM): why
vorange4 (11:55:22 PM): was it something you ate
handzah (11:56:11 PM): yeah
vorange4 (11:57:24 PM): parok loin
handzah (11:57:35 PM): bif stek
vorange4 (11:57:52 PM): if it round or loin its lean beef
handzah (11:58:14 PM): thats why im distressed then i guess
handzah (12:04:07 AM): i have a confession to make
vorange4 (12:04:19 AM): ooh!
handzah (12:04:30 AM): i dont want to
vorange4 (12:04:35 AM): perfect timimng
vorange4 (12:04:42 AM): american psycho just ended
handzah (12:05:26 AM): i think i need to but i dont want to
vorange4 (12:06:07 AM): hmm
handzah (12:06:44 AM): i dont know how to say this without making it sound worse than it is
vorange4 (12:07:13 AM): be blut
handzah (12:08:14 AM): dan and i have been good friends for a long time, and he has very strong feelings for me
vorange4 (12:08:26 AM): dan the man?
handzah (12:08:31 AM): yeah
vorange4 (12:08:35 AM): hes cool
handzah (12:09:07 AM): they're not recipicated
handzah (12:09:12 AM): really,
vorange4 (12:09:25 AM): ok
handzah (12:09:26 AM): i just thought that it would be apropriate if you knew
handzah (12:09:37 AM): what are you thinking?
vorange4 (12:09:39 AM): where is dan
handzah (12:09:47 AM): riverton
vorange4 (12:09:52 AM): how is he
handzah (12:10:01 AM): i lied
handzah (12:10:06 AM): he's in arizona
handzah (12:10:11 AM): hah
vorange4 (12:10:25 AM): very clever
handzah (12:10:26 AM): he's good
handzah (12:10:29 AM): what
vorange4 (12:10:30 AM): is he going to school
handzah (12:10:33 AM): yeah
handzah (12:10:49 AM): youre avoiding the topic at hand
vorange4 (12:11:02 AM): am i
handzah (12:11:11 AM): kind of
vorange4 (12:11:11 AM): you said theyre not reciprocated
handzah (12:11:16 AM): yeah
vorange4 (12:11:19 AM): need anything more be said?
handzah (12:11:38 AM): can you be that undertanding?
handzah (12:11:43 AM): is that even possible
vorange4 (12:11:43 AM): sure
vorange4 (12:11:50 AM): anything for a blonde
handzah (12:12:11 AM): i thought you said you prefered brunets
vorange4 (12:12:18 AM): i do
vorange4 (12:12:33 AM): but they dont have a catchy phrase that goes along with them
handzah (12:12:41 AM): eh
handzah (12:13:36 AM): wow
handzah (12:13:41 AM): thank you
vorange4 (12:14:13 AM): your welcome
handzah (12:14:14 AM): kris?
vorange4 (12:14:23 AM): yes
handzah (12:14:32 AM): nothing
handzah (12:14:36 AM): sol
handzah (12:14:41 AM): bsol
vorange4 (12:14:47 AM): a russian jet liner has strong feelings for me
vorange4 (12:14:54 AM): dont worry its not mututal
handzah (12:15:02 AM): oh
handzah (12:15:13 AM): but im the jelious type
vorange4 (12:15:26 AM): ok
vorange4 (12:15:34 AM): id like to see foxy boxing
handzah (12:15:34 AM): that "big ol jet airliner" is gonna get it
vorange4 (12:15:46 AM): blonde versus 737
handzah (12:15:58 AM): its so gonna happen
handzah (12:16:36 AM): i gonna kick some serious plane clit
vorange4 (12:16:55 AM): and the let the hydralic fluid fly
handzah (12:17:06 AM): ahol
handzah (12:18:17 AM): hey, bill has stuff to do online so i have to
handzah (12:18:21 AM): kris
handzah (12:18:34 AM): ?
vorange4 (12:18:34 AM): ok
vorange4 (12:18:38 AM): good night
handzah (12:18:45 AM): i miss you
vorange4 (12:19:07 AM): and i dan you
handzah (12:19:20 AM): whats that supposed to mean
vorange4 (12:19:33 AM): something funny
vorange4 (12:19:51 AM): obviously failed
handzah (12:19:57 AM): i guess, i take it in jest
handzah (12:20:01 AM): ha
handzah (12:20:03 AM): ha
vorange4 (12:20:16 AM): oh dont patronize my lameness
handzah (12:20:33 AM): i wasnt it was amusing
handzah (12:20:36 AM): anyway
handzah (12:20:43 AM): i have to go
handzah (12:20:45 AM): bye
vorange4 (12:20:47 AM): right right
vorange4 (12:20:51 AM): g'nit
handzah (12:20:55 AM): nite