Subj: sigur ros is a nice icelandic band

Date: 8/18/01 1:10:22 AM !!!First Boot!!!



i approve and encourage your laughter of my farce. laugh on captain laugh. last night the power went out at our house from like 5pm to 3am. it got really hot and it was of course dark. my family had dinner outside by candle light. it was different. my mom said she wanted to buy me some fancy watercolors. in this months issue of art in america a particular advertisement might interest you. you can get a free sample assortment of fabriano uno (100% cotton) watercolor paper by writing to: Savoir-Faire, Dept. UNAME1, 40 Leveroni Ct. Novato, CA 94949. im going to send mine tomorrow. im hoping they still have some left. good luck with the concert going and the job to envy plane washing. there is a new art gallery opening up tonight in mcallen and i was planning to go. adieu