Subj: i got a copy of psyence fiction the unkle cd. its GREAT

Date: 8/16/01 5:31:25 AM !!!First Boot!!!



im a bit tired. i went to stefans and i knocked on his door but i couldnt get him awake or i had the wrong window. i didnt want to knock on the main door and wake up his grandma so i sat down on his porch that i didnt even know he had. before i knew it i was asleep. i was pretty cold most of the night. at about 10am his dad came out and found and seemed to be quite shocked. he kept telling stefan thats no way to treat a friend. jarvis and patton came by a little later. we watched the video from the rave and then they went to scitech and i went to panam. i went to get an id but they said to wait till september so i went ahead and found where all my classes were. i ate and got some markers at staples. on my way home i stopped at ronnies. we picked up his brother sister and his mom and then we tried to go to jasons but he wasnt home. i rode my bike home and helped cook dinner and then i just kind of laid on the floor. i woke up about 10 minutes ago. im still pretty tired so im going to snooze. sorry im not hardcore. until next time super heroin....