Subj: chadley approves

Date: 8/11/01 9:12:23 AM !!!First Boot!!!



somehow the bus ride home seemed longer than the ride that i took in anticipation.

i miss you.

the bus itself was extraordinarily packed all the way to san antonio. on one of the legs of my trip a 14 year old with 7 brothers and sisters sat next to me and turned out to be an incorrigible sleeper. he would lay on my shoulder and dig into it and i would toss his head the other way and it wouldnt faze him. he would stretch and completely push his hands into my face in and unceasing unconscious state. at one point a large bottle of water shifted from the overhead compartment and fell onto his crotch. he merely flinched a bit and continued to sleep uninhibited. he was ugly to boot. i met some indian girls that live in london. there is little as sweet as a fine british accent. they are certainly better than we are. my mother was kind enough to pick me up at the appropriate time. she then had to go back to work. she has been supremely sick the entire time i have been gone and hasnt been able to ride her bike to work. she has had extreme fevers in the 102+ range morphing into bouts of chilling to the point of hardcore shivers. i had to go and get her some soup. cream of chicken. my dad also got back today from his fishing trip. it was a disaster as far as catches were concerned. it seems i am the only on of my nuclear family that enjoyed the past week and a half. my mom said i had several late night visitors while i was gone. on group even left a sock in my driveway. i went to the rave marcel put on. i was dually impressed. he indeed pulled off a mighty event. i had fun. i saw cassy there and she accused me of stealing her friend away from her. i denied all allegations. my hookup in san antonio for raving soured but its ok because i got my fill tonight. tomorrow my parents are punishing me. they claim its not a punishment but i beg to differ. i have to get up moderately early and got help my fuckhead bum cousin wash airplanes. hes a wild trouble making sort and my grandpa is putting him to work in an effort to reform him from his "ways". they think it would be good for him if i was there. im still of the opinion that my parents are punishing me though they insist otherwise. oh fiddlesticks.

best of luck doll, fighting the food industry lord. fuck em up.