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twasted lasted longer again

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Tue, 17 Jul 2001 03:35:25 -0500

im sorry i didn't get online at the softcore hour that would have been most conducive to our communication. oh im sorry, youre not softcore. thank you very much for waiting up for me. (kayla told me)

i was hug up watching the beach at jesses. its neat because weston went that island. that dicaprio fellow is going places. but first weston came over at like 10 and woke me up very rudely. it was rude how rudely i was awaken. we watched westons pirated dvd of swordfish. its got two foreign subtitles of some sort and its edited for content. it doesnt work on westons dvd so he gave it to jeb even though its not good for boobie freeze framing. he also got a poorly bootlegged video cd of memento. you can hear the guy fuck with the tripod and zoom and cough. that one is going to this dude diego. we chillaxed at the mall for a while and then went to kafecitos. weston and jesse fucked with some juniors.

im real tired as i hear you were. any luck with the job search? good luck. i didnt start on whatever i thought i might make. this self made deadlines and goal setting shit doesnt work so well.

i was thinking i could get some good reading or drawing or novel writing done on a 40 hour bus ride, if only i had somewhere to go. hmm

"quiet storm" says hello in a very low powerful sucking voice