Subj: face pavillion------------>

Date: 7/16/01 4:19:04 AM !!!First Boot!!!



good riddens to the spider i do say. i applaud you for finding a peaceful murder free was of extradition. kudos.

whoa, a kiln. sounds complex and hot. good luck with all that.

weston got back from thailand. he came over and had stories of a good time and adventures. he got jesse jeb my mom and dad and i gifts. i got a neat teak wood carving. last night jesse weston and i were going to go to a "rave" that stefan marcel and gary were going to have at this abandoned warehouse thing. we went at about 10 or 11 and it was indeed abandoned. weston wanted to go to a strip bar since he just recently turned 18. we went to some place called lipstick. weston got a lap dance. all i got was clothes that reeked of cigarettes and dive and "m"s on my hands. and they shafted us for two 5 dollar waters. i still cant figure out why we bought them. we came back to my house and they got stoned. jesse went home because he had to go to church in the morning. as stoned as he was i bet church rocked a little more than usual. we went to bed about 3. jeb came back to my house at 9am or so. i guess he was having an outing with sofia....loren the author. for some reason or another we ended up sleeping till 6:30 in the afternoon. it was a good episode of the simpsons. now that all the crazies are gone im trying to clean my room. i decided to take down the paper box. thats about as far as ive gotten so far. my cousin and her friends are at the beach and my parents want me to go and chaperon them around the island tomorrow. i am seriously not looking forward to that. she likes hip hop rap crap. blasted!

in my dream i was being peer pressured to get my Ph.D. fucking peer pressure or should i say Mum-kay peer pressure? i think i should.

and with that, your gesture is taken and your thought is with me.