Date: 7/13/01 11:32:34 PM !!!First Boot!!!


To: (hannah russell)

thank you for the screen name notification. i of course am the illustrious vorange4 of the far seeking south wasteland. you are so very added to my "buddy list" even though mine is titled "doctors".

"paging doctor handzah, we need a handzahb in o.r. 4, stat"

i just got back from guanajuato guanajuato. my dad and i flew down there to celebrate his birthday and to pick up the female entourage of my mom, cousin, and aunt. the best part was the extreme temperate weather and the tree hedge type thing in the plaza triangle. its a college town and so there was lots of goin's on in the midnight hours (aka the snacking hours). i slept most of the time i was there because jeb stefan and i shenaniganated all night the previous night.

watch out for your picinic basket. theres bears in parks. (apparently, to whom i do not know)

speaking of prostituting oneself, id hate for you to have to do that anytime soon. seeing as how i am mildly inclined to metal smithing and i have access to the materials would you be interested in something of the .925 persuasion (thats sterling silver, yo!)? it would delight me to undertake a project of true importance.

i too, miss you. i felt a sinking feeling as you boarded your plane monday and i havent felt much recovery occurring since. blasted! eh, what can ya do. kiss you for me


p.s. hah! retina snag is an anagram for hannah is great