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Hello Hannah.


How the fizzuck have you been. How was you’re holiday and the likes. Did you go


home, and feast on traditional fair to the tune of rampant relatives buzzing

loudly. I was fortunate enough not to have to travel for the thanksgiving. My

cousin, who lives down the street, hosted the festivities. It was some all

right eating. The Wednesday before I had gotten stoned w/ some friends and in a


fervor of introspection I decided I wanted to see the ocean and easily

convinced the others to join me. my baked companions and I piled in my small

car with some water, blueberry muffins, and an adequate banquet of illegal

paraphernalia and simply drove. We arrived just before sun rise in chorpus

Christi at some parking lot on the main road adjoining the water. I don’t think


I ever want to go to chorpus again. That town blows and it blows hard and blows


even harder when lost and stoned. Twice I got lost and stuck in the ridiculous

maze of one way streets and had to drive by the police station in a smogged

car. The adventure lacked the catharsis I had hoped for. The water was very

uninviting and the shoreline was fraught with all sorts of ugly man made

obstacles. The overcast weather stole the sunrise from us and it felt grim in

the devilishly cold city where everyone gave us eyes of being unwanted

outsiders. Despite all that, i enjoyed the spontaneity of it all very much. It

reminded me of my hasty visit with you in your realm so long ago. That of

course was much more enjoyable. Have you had any recent adventures of

noteworthy status? Surely you have. I have come into contact with a few people

of your knowing since ive moved up here. Aaron and stephanie are living

together and I had the pleasure of seeing renee and chris anzaldua amongst

others at their place. The brief moment I met with chris anzaldua before he

drunkenly passed out was slightly humorous. Heh chris. Renee seems in fine

fashion in her tremendously prestigious institution, rice. I got to see arty

before he shipped off to the navy for the long haul, stranding his oddly loyal

partner in crime marc. Marc has since them moved in with Stefan. One night at

aaron’s I was tremendously stoned and had the misfortune of witnessing an

awkward sight. Stefan was there and really drunk and layla just happened to

stop by as she sometimes does not knowing of stefans presence. All I remember

was Stefan running out and layla leaving after a bit of disgusted words. That

night reverberated with mincing bad vibes. Afterwards, jesse, marc and I had a

clandestine meeting in the bathroom that seemed to us to be a submarine. We

decided it’s a shame to whiteness ongoing strife. We also decided that

submarines are cool. I recently moved into a large house w/ jesse and two of

our new found friends andy and serge. We are supposedly having a house warming

party this Friday (the 6th) if youd like to come. There is an accelerated

amount of substance abuse as of late. I fear many of my friends may get caught

up in its nastiness. Ginsberg’s “Howl” grows more relavent with each passing

moment. Despite my immediate environment I remain reasonably responsible and

true to my studies. How is your schooling going? Still going for marine

biology? I read some interesting new finds in that discipline in science not to


long ago. Some folk witnessed an octopus whose male is some 30,000 times

smaller than the female. They hypothesis that the male has evolved to

concentrate its efforts on finding a mate as opposed to growing large since it

is so difficult to find other octopi in such a vast dark part of the ocean.

When the male finds a female it has a sperm covered arm that breaks off and

crawls inside the female and stays alive for up to a week trying to impregnate

her. The male of course dies. Lousy males. I have been ever busy with my

artistic endeavors. I rummage through many a dumpster in search of useful

treasures for my next project and perhaps someday I may be allowed connections

to welding for which I am tremendously excited. How are your artistic endeavors


progressing? I hope ever vigilant. I regret that I have gotten caught up in the


hustle, oh, and indeed in the bustle of things so as to lose slight contact

with you. I didn’t call you because I lost your number fairly soon after

receiving it and because I don’t particularly enjoy the awkwardness of the

phone especially when I cant really afford such a long distance charge. It

would be my hope that this rather lengthy letter may make up for the recent