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Fwd: totally generic robot

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Fri, 02 Nov 2001 00:12:15 -0600




kudos to your eccentric art waif costume. i dont blame you for ranting. how else will the ignorant learn of your passion for pop fellow? its tuff all over as far as lab books go. so i hear.

i didnt do anything halloween related but i did take advantage of the full moon. i rode my bike to my new favorite spot. the pipe for setting in. there were incorrigible sorts parked along the drainage ditch. they were certainly up to no good so i detoured. i fell asleep in the pipe for a couple of hours.

im sorry about the suicidal fellow and his girlfriend.

i got a parking ticket today. blasted folk. my parking permit was on the seat. i just forgot to put it on the rear view mirror and they want 15 dollars.

nancy boy!