Subj: id like one gold plated puppy please, with nuts. an extra 35 cents!? fuck that!

Date: 10/18/00 5:01:07 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Vorange4


schazam hannah! things are great for me. this summer i went to summer school for english 3 because i failed english three and i did well enough in summer school. i also got a job counting fruit flies for the united states department of agriculture crop quality and fruit insects research facility at the local weslco area. i was working with Anastrepha ludens so if anyone asks what the scientific name for the mexican fruit fly is, you can zow them by knowing: Anastrepha ludens. i turned 18 at one point and i was sick on that day but i have purchased some porno now that i am a "man." huzzah to it finally being legal. for my birthday my mother is sending me to england for christmas. i didnt ask for it, she just decided that thats what im getting since i didnt ask for anything else. she thought i should perhaps get some worldliness under my belt before i go out in the world and eat life and bathe in reality. i am slightly excited. i am particularly exited about a private tour of stonehenge. there will be rock touchage allowed. hooha! my feeble attempt at a suburbia lawn fragment proved to be indeed futile. it died. my mother speculates that we have bad soil or that i didnt water it enough. i think it died of loneliness. the dry remnants are still present to constantly remind me of my lawnless existence. there we about three or 4 fantastic days of weather when the hurricane that hit mexico and the cold front sent from canada combined to make some really key climate goodness. i had several late night exuberant frolic sessions that may have been classified as going mad by psychiatrists or young 10 year old girls who dont mind their own business or even pedophiliac heroine addicts. the weather has resorted to the miserable hot shit soup for which i assume you do not miss. with good cause! how about those classes... ive got calc II (i failed cal I last year but they let me move on because i got a 4 on the ap exam) and physics C (mr. wiley the physics teacher is a grrrreat guy. i recommend him). i also have the regular shit, eng 4gt, gov, p.e., and spanish II (i failed that last year too!). my worst class is r and d because i had the bad fortune of getting mr. urasky or as i like to refer to him as, the penis. not only because he is a dick but also because he looks like a penis and stares like i invision a penis would star if it had staring eyes. fuck the man! i got my ranking for senior goodness and i was 21 out of 130. that was a lot better than i had expected i would do with 3 failed classes last year. i really did poorly last year. i suppose i stopped caring but for your sake i will say i was unable to recover from your absence. cintech, the film club that some of we folk started is attempting to do things. thats neat. the senior renaissance trip was fun. the only thing that i learned was how to spell renaissance which is more than most others can claim. due to the up and coming local renaissance festival we seniors are to put on, others and i have made several trips to ropa usada land. im wearing some sweet pants i got there right as i type this. mmm 60 cent pants... i also acquired a tie with a splendid picture of james dean on the front (in perfect condition too!) james dean is the fucking man, so by association i am slightly cool. and another huzzah to kid A. now thats some high quality jammin' from those omega wack foos in radiohead. booyeah! my room smells, even after my attempts to mask it with fancy plug in devices. its not a particularly offensive odor but it is noticeable upon fist entrance to my lair. damn you odor god! ive been doing a lot of wack drawings lately. its nothing anyone else would find interesting or aesthetically pleasing but it sure does pass the time much better than homeowrk and responsibilities do. i cant help but feel slightly cocky being a senior and it bothers me so when i remember the assholes of years passed. so in an attempt to keep my affable nature i have been buying gold platted puppies for all the underclassmen i encounter. happy exitence to you hannah the you.

sin sorely,

runsbane dwindlefoot