Trippychick170: hey where are you, i'm still at school

Vorange4: i rode the bus

Vorange4: are you stranded

Trippychick170: no i'm fine, i noticed you weren't here...i got sad

Vorange4: thats neat

Vorange4: are writing about reagan

Vorange4: i sure am

Trippychick170: sorry my reagan days are over

Vorange4: oh thats a shame

Trippychick170: so how much are you taking to the rennasance

Trippychick170: money?

Vorange4: what do you mean

Vorange4: oh oh

Vorange4: i dont know yet

Vorange4: ive been to the renaissance festival before

Vorange4: and there was very little worth buying for the prices they had them

Trippychick170: whats it like.

Vorange4: i did buy a wax casting of my hand

Vorange4: but that was like 7 dollars

Vorange4: they sell al sorts of medieval attire and such

Trippychick170: did it come in handy

Vorange4: hats and shit

Vorange4: heh, step back the pun master is in town

Vorange4: no it melted on top of a speaker

Trippychick170: what are you doing on right now?

Vorange4: finding some good things to plagiarize about reagan

Trippychick170: good for you

Vorange4: yeah

Vorange4: hows that t1 line chat action

Vorange4: any better

Trippychick170: nah i'm chatting with vannessa and shes sittin right next to me shes gettin annoyed cause i want to go eat and she doesnt

Vorange4: fancy that

Vorange4: be persistent

Vorange4: eating should be

Trippychick170: i know iknow

Trippychick170: weston just asked vanessa if i'm all in love with you

Vorange4: is that so

Trippychick170: yes he did

Trippychick170: i don't believe i'm in love with you

Vorange4: must be chat fest 2000 over ther

Vorange4: that makes sense

Vorange4: were not really all that aquatinted

Trippychick170: yes we never have time for eachother

Vorange4: i blame society

Vorange4: and responsibility

Vorange4: all lame excuses

Trippychick170: that i consider myself a pretty fucking confusing person

Vorange4: confusing makes for interesting

Trippychick170: if your willing to put up with me i'm all for it

Vorange4: yeah

Vorange4: how about that

Vorange4: what do you mean put up with you

Trippychick170: i dont confusion

Vorange4: perfect!

Trippychick170: huzzah

Vorange4: huzzah^

Vorange4: ^ denotes louder

Trippychick170: i see ..i just yelled it after i typed it,..i think that librarian gave me the evil eye

Vorange4: score

Vorange4: i dont think there is anything that can denote something higher than an evil eye yell

Vorange4: once again you have won

Trippychick170: you can type that again.

Trippychick170: i try

Vorange4: there is no one better to lose to

Vorange4: me casa es blanco

Vorange4: caja

Vorange4: i mean caja

Trippychick170: what box

Vorange4: you know that paper i bust through in my ad campaign

Vorange4: i just made it into a box

Trippychick170: ahh no more water fall

Vorange4: i think a box is an upgrade

Vorange4: and the waterfall was a stretch

Trippychick170: well you gotta use some imagination

Vorange4: you really had to use your imagination and it was probably better to close your eyes and imagine a real waterfall

Vorange4: that sort of thing

Trippychick170: thats what i did

Vorange4: excellent

Trippychick170: i gotta go xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxxxo

Vorange4: all right

Vorange4: i hope its towards the food you deserve

Trippychick170: hopefully