vorange4 (12:05:57 AM): hello this is kris
vorange4 (12:06:03 AM): i think i got a mail from you
vorange4 (12:06:08 AM): blank
Failedsunshine (12:06:18 AM): maybe, so sorry
vorange4 (12:06:45 AM): if youre willing to divulge, who is this?
Failedsunshine (12:07:15 AM): not so easliy
vorange4 (12:08:19 AM): fair enough
vorange4 (12:09:14 AM): is betelgeuse your favorite star?
Failedsunshine (12:09:19 AM): well thank you.
Failedsunshine (12:09:44 AM): not particularly
vorange4 (12:10:07 AM): if you are telling the truth then you shot down my only inkling as to you
vorange4 (12:10:16 AM): anyway
vorange4 (12:10:24 AM): it doesnt really matter i suppose
Failedsunshine (12:10:28 AM): oh...forgive me
vorange4 (12:10:34 AM): max x was funny tonight
Failedsunshine (12:10:36 AM): it probably doesnt
vorange4 (12:10:42 AM): it was worlds dumbest guys
vorange4 (12:10:56 AM): i especially liked the drunk russians
Failedsunshine (12:11:07 AM): aren't they all? guys i mean..
Failedsunshine (12:11:11 AM): dumb
vorange4 (12:11:18 AM): sure
vorange4 (12:11:25 AM): but some are dumber than others
vorange4 (12:11:32 AM): and in this insatnce they showed the dumbest
Failedsunshine (12:12:31 AM): i see, i suppose that something like that would make you feel good about yourself?
vorange4 (12:13:01 AM): it might have if i was focused on that
Failedsunshine (12:13:15 AM): i'm being a tad rude, i really have no place to be...i'll be nicer
vorange4 (12:13:21 AM): but i was laughin too hard
vorange4 (12:13:28 AM): ok
Failedsunshine (12:14:48 AM): well if it made you happy, i say, rock on
vorange4 (12:15:07 AM): thanks
vorange4 (12:15:27 AM): tomorrow they are having the international eddition of the worlds dumbest guys
vorange4 (12:17:03 AM): so was your blank email intentional?
Failedsunshine (12:17:49 AM): it might have been, who knows :
vorange4 (12:18:01 AM): if so i say, rock on
Failedsunshine (12:18:16 AM): thanks
vorange4 (12:18:53 AM): i was going to go to a beach cleanup today
vorange4 (12:19:08 AM): but that business about a bridge not being there stopped me
Failedsunshine (12:19:09 AM): but?
Failedsunshine (12:19:41 AM): oh yes, isnt there a ferry
vorange4 (12:19:52 AM): not yet
vorange4 (12:20:04 AM): they think maybe withing the week
vorange4 (12:20:28 AM): so you live in the valley, eh?
Failedsunshine (12:20:37 AM): yes
vorange4 (12:20:38 AM): hows that working out for you
Failedsunshine (12:20:56 AM): what?
vorange4 (12:21:28 AM): is just a sort of filler question i ask sometimes
Failedsunshine (12:21:34 AM): (this is the part where you say "being clever")
vorange4 (12:21:41 AM): oh!
vorange4 (12:22:13 AM): fuck ive gotten so used to genuine confusion id given up on the rest of ti
vorange4 (12:22:34 AM): is this stephanie?
Failedsunshine (12:24:17 AM): might i ease your curiosity...did i win that can of pineapple slices?
vorange4 (12:24:18 AM): ok never mind
vorange4 (12:24:25 AM): wow!!!
vorange4 (12:24:28 AM): stephanie!
Failedsunshine (12:24:30 AM): hi
vorange4 (12:24:35 AM): i thought you had gone "away"
vorange4 (12:24:42 AM): its nice to hear from you
Failedsunshine (12:25:21 AM): no, i moved back in with ethan's family again, alot of fucked up shit happened, and i got lost for a while
vorange4 (12:25:32 AM): oh
vorange4 (12:25:46 AM): hmm did you get any of the stuff i left at your house?
Failedsunshine (12:26:03 AM): what stuff?
vorange4 (12:26:31 AM): i thought you still lived there so i left you a couple of notes and a wire sort of thing i made and parking fee for a couple of days
vorange4 (12:26:57 AM): are you going to school?
Failedsunshine (12:27:07 AM): yes
Failedsunshine (12:27:12 AM): good 'ol stcc
vorange4 (12:27:17 AM): thats good i guess
vorange4 (12:27:20 AM): right?
Failedsunshine (12:27:34 AM): it delivers what i need..i suppose
vorange4 (12:27:59 AM): is someone living at that house now?
Failedsunshine (12:28:11 AM): and how is school for you, youstarted the 4th?
vorange4 (12:28:19 AM): yeah, its all right
Failedsunshine (12:28:32 AM): yes the girls, but there due to move the end of this month
vorange4 (12:28:57 AM): oh my
Failedsunshine (12:29:02 AM): how have you been, God i've missed you
vorange4 (12:29:18 AM): ive been alright
Failedsunshine (12:29:26 AM): yes i kicked them out in a small way, well my step dad did
vorange4 (12:29:43 AM): are you at odds w/ them?
Failedsunshine (12:30:24 AM): ofcourse, dont i always manage to fuck up any good i might have going in my life
vorange4 (12:30:38 AM): it seems like you think so
Failedsunshine (12:30:59 AM): well you should better than anyone
vorange4 (12:31:09 AM): you would think so
vorange4 (12:31:23 AM): you do owe me pineapple but i think you are more deserving
Failedsunshine (12:31:34 AM): so it was a guy?
vorange4 (12:31:53 AM): yeah
vorange4 (12:31:59 AM): jon por birginson
vorange4 (12:32:03 AM): hes icelandic
vorange4 (12:32:08 AM): the band is icelandic
vorange4 (12:32:13 AM): sigur ros
Failedsunshine (12:32:29 AM): well fuck me
Failedsunshine (12:32:55 AM): i'll be sure to get those pineapples out to you ASAP
vorange4 (12:33:09 AM): ive actually got a few cans here
vorange4 (12:33:22 AM): i could sell them to you at discount
Failedsunshine (12:33:22 AM): well one more never hurt anyone
vorange4 (12:33:33 AM): -5 dollars is my lowest price
Failedsunshine (12:33:36 AM): that' d be peachy
Failedsunshine (12:34:03 AM): sounds decent....
vorange4 (12:34:10 AM): ok
vorange4 (12:34:18 AM): ill pay you next time i see you
Failedsunshine (12:34:44 AM): i'm glad we've coem to that agreement
vorange4 (12:35:04 AM): i agree that its good that we have an agreeance
vorange4 (12:35:12 AM): dont you agree?
Failedsunshine (12:35:21 AM): amen
Failedsunshine (12:35:31 AM): when do you have classes?
vorange4 (12:35:48 AM): mwf 12 and 3
vorange4 (12:36:04 AM): tr 11 and thursday 7
Failedsunshine (12:37:37 AM): how do you find transportation?
vorange4 (12:37:59 AM): my mom rides her bike when she can and i take her truck
vorange4 (12:38:07 AM): or if she needs her truck i ride my bike
vorange4 (12:38:19 AM): and she can usually pick me up
Failedsunshine (12:38:54 AM): fantastic
vorange4 (12:39:20 AM): not too bad
Failedsunshine (12:39:47 AM): well if you put it that way...
Failedsunshine (12:39:56 AM): i ahve no ending to that statement
vorange4 (12:40:05 AM): heh
vorange4 (12:40:21 AM): i expect nothing less or much more
vorange4 (12:40:23 AM): im not sure
Failedsunshine (12:41:13 AM): well at least i dont have to work up to any high standards with you, if i did..man i'd be fucked
Failedsunshine (12:41:38 AM): so what gave it away?, that i was me?
vorange4 (12:41:48 AM): fight club knowin
Failedsunshine (12:42:09 AM): i wasnt sure if that would tip you off
vorange4 (12:42:16 AM): oh it did
vorange4 (12:42:19 AM): i was soooo tipped
vorange4 (12:42:25 AM): i fell from my stoop
Failedsunshine (12:42:28 AM): way tipped
Failedsunshine (12:42:47 AM): damn
Failedsunshine (12:43:36 AM): i heard you came to the house once when i was sleeping, i thought i dreamt that.
vorange4 (12:44:12 AM): no i was there
vorange4 (12:44:31 AM): i thought about waking you
vorange4 (12:44:40 AM): but you looked very non wanting to be waked
Failedsunshine (12:45:02 AM): you know i really didnt mean to be a bitch
vorange4 (12:45:09 AM): when?
Failedsunshine (12:45:20 AM): by just picking up and never calling you
Failedsunshine (12:45:30 AM): i thought about you a lot
vorange4 (12:45:36 AM): oh, well im sure you were warranted
vorange4 (12:45:42 AM): no hard feelings
Failedsunshine (12:45:49 AM): why?
vorange4 (12:46:02 AM): because i drink soft drinks
vorange4 (12:46:07 AM): but i dont really
vorange4 (12:46:14 AM): the bubbles burn my tongue
Failedsunshine (12:46:20 AM): i know
vorange4 (12:46:58 AM): you did get your ring, right?
Failedsunshine (12:47:14 AM): nonetheless, i know it doesnt sound sincere over the comp. but i sorry, i'm sorry
vorange4 (12:47:35 AM): thank you
Failedsunshine (12:47:47 AM): yes but its been temp, stolen by angela. i plan to retireve it soon
vorange4 (12:47:49 AM): i am appreciative
vorange4 (12:48:07 AM): oh, well good luck w/ alllll that
Failedsunshine (12:48:12 AM): i know where she keeps it , and when i go to get the rest of my stuff i plan to snatch it
vorange4 (12:48:17 AM): so you didnt get your daisy?
Failedsunshine (12:48:29 AM): what?!!!!!
vorange4 (12:48:41 AM): i made you a daisy out of stainless steel wire
Failedsunshine (12:48:44 AM): i missed out on daisy action
vorange4 (12:48:49 AM): and it came with a rappy bee
Failedsunshine (12:48:50 AM): fuck!!
vorange4 (12:48:56 AM): crappy
Failedsunshine (12:49:23 AM): fuck!!
Failedsunshine (12:49:54 AM): well, it saddens me to be informed that i' missed out on beauty
Failedsunshine (12:50:07 AM): maybe i'll be able to steal that as well
vorange4 (12:50:11 AM): i flossed fo the first time in a long time and my gums hurt like satan salad
Failedsunshine (12:50:22 AM): when?
vorange4 (12:50:32 AM): a little while ago
Failedsunshine (12:50:40 AM): really so did i
Failedsunshine (12:50:50 AM): mine dont hurt though
Failedsunshine (12:51:05 AM): but still, we have so uch in common
vorange4 (12:51:11 AM): because you are so much more hygenic and better than i
Failedsunshine (12:51:29 AM): we should bear children or something
vorange4 (12:51:36 AM): agreed
vorange4 (12:51:58 AM): i called fetus #1-4
Failedsunshine (12:53:22 AM): we'll lay out the details later, for now worry about the baby making
vorange4 (12:53:33 AM): right!
Failedsunshine (12:53:44 AM): did you ever lay eyes upon that sweet sweet footage?
vorange4 (12:53:55 AM): no...
Failedsunshine (12:54:04 AM): was it returned?
vorange4 (12:54:16 AM): and i saw jason firday at school and i wasnt able to catch up to him to ask him about it
vorange4 (12:54:21 AM): im not sure
vorange4 (12:54:51 AM): have you seen american psycho?
vorange4 (12:55:04 AM): its my newest favorite movie
Failedsunshine (12:55:12 AM): affirmative
vorange4 (12:55:31 AM): "i have to return some videos"
vorange4 (12:55:35 AM): pure genius
Failedsunshine (12:55:36 AM): i adored the part with the atm machine and the cat
vorange4 (12:55:52 AM): heh!
vorange4 (12:55:58 AM): feed me a stray cat
Failedsunshine (12:56:09 AM): i dont have one on me
vorange4 (12:56:20 AM): blasted!
Failedsunshine (12:56:24 AM): but if you wait a min. i can run and get one for you
vorange4 (12:56:31 AM): please
vorange4 (12:56:37 AM): and shot it while feeding me it
Failedsunshine (12:56:50 AM): kinky
vorange4 (12:56:59 AM): i should hope so
Failedsunshine (12:58:24 AM): "in the quite words of the virgin mary....come again"

Failedsunshine (12:58:34 AM): name that tune
vorange4 (12:58:50 AM): oh, blasted
vorange4 (12:59:15 AM): im at a loss
Failedsunshine (1:00:21 AM): "i thought you said he was a get away driver....what the fuck can he get away from?!" (mind you all in english accents)
Failedsunshine (1:00:54 AM): still lost... snatch
vorange4 (1:00:59 AM): oh!
Failedsunshine (1:01:07 AM): one of my all time favorites
vorange4 (1:01:13 AM): oh yeah
vorange4 (1:01:20 AM): i think lock stock is better though
Failedsunshine (1:01:31 AM): never saw it, but i've heard that
Failedsunshine (1:02:10 AM): how many brad pitt movies can you name?
vorange4 (1:02:27 AM): shall i name them to you
Failedsunshine (1:02:33 AM): conversaition filler
vorange4 (1:02:33 AM): or count in my head an report a number back
Failedsunshine (1:02:34 AM): sure
Failedsunshine (1:02:47 AM): name them, it turns me on
vorange4 (1:02:54 AM): true romance
Failedsunshine (1:02:54 AM): ;-)
vorange4 (1:02:58 AM): fight club
vorange4 (1:03:02 AM): 12 minkeys
vorange4 (1:03:25 AM): interview w/ vamp
Failedsunshine (1:03:25 AM): seven
vorange4 (1:03:30 AM): joe black
vorange4 (1:03:42 AM): mexican
Failedsunshine (1:03:43 AM): snatch
Failedsunshine (1:03:49 AM): legends of the fall
Failedsunshine (1:03:53 AM): cool world
vorange4 (1:04:15 AM): captain hunkys hunk festival
Failedsunshine (1:04:26 AM): i dont believe you
vorange4 (1:04:35 AM): oh you caught me
vorange4 (1:04:45 AM): i thought it sounded beleivable
Failedsunshine (1:05:09 AM): well the "captian" part tipped me
vorange4 (1:05:13 AM): heh
Failedsunshine (1:05:55 AM): so who's racheal?
vorange4 (1:06:26 AM): my concubine
vorange4 (1:07:00 AM): i met her in a chat room
vorange4 (1:07:18 AM): and we talked about astronomy
Failedsunshine (1:07:20 AM): this is more kinky than the cat thing
vorange4 (1:07:43 AM): beatlegeuse is her favorite star
vorange4 (1:08:15 AM): kinky like a cabbage in heat
Failedsunshine (1:08:39 AM): dont get me started
Failedsunshine (1:08:46 AM): i wish i had a star
vorange4 (1:09:04 AM): beatlegeuse is a nice one
Failedsunshine (1:09:32 AM): well, i think racheal should have first claim to that one, it is her favorite
vorange4 (1:09:56 AM): yeab but i doubt shes deserving
vorange4 (1:10:11 AM): sounded like a arihead to me
Failedsunshine (1:10:12 AM): well more so than i
Failedsunshine (1:10:23 AM): i see
Failedsunshine (1:10:33 AM): have you seen dogma?
vorange4 (1:10:37 AM): no
Failedsunshine (1:12:05 AM): i recently rented it, i'd give it a 4/10
vorange4 (1:12:30 AM): ooh i think ill go rewatch american psycho then
Failedsunshine (1:12:51 AM): it tried too hard, and a terrible main actress
Failedsunshine (1:12:58 AM): yes i'd suggest it
vorange4 (1:13:18 AM): the musketeer blew hard too
Failedsunshine (1:13:34 AM): never saw it
Failedsunshine (1:13:44 AM): did i tell you i saw planet of the apes
vorange4 (1:13:49 AM): and the fight scene werent as redeeming as anticpated
vorange4 (1:13:52 AM): no
vorange4 (1:14:05 AM): tell me about you seeing planet of the apes
Failedsunshine (1:14:22 AM): well, i could see how you thought the fight scenes would be
Failedsunshine (1:14:30 AM): i saw the prvews
vorange4 (1:14:38 AM): right right
Failedsunshine (1:15:04 AM): at first i didnt understand why everyone disliked it
Failedsunshine (1:15:11 AM): theni saw the end
vorange4 (1:15:14 AM): heh
Failedsunshine (1:15:28 AM): it was a good movie till then
vorange4 (1:15:34 AM): it almost felt speilburian
Failedsunshine (1:15:38 AM): what the hell was that
Failedsunshine (1:15:58 AM): if i knew what that meant, fuck i'd probably agree
vorange4 (1:16:22 AM): like steven speilburg woudl have done it
Failedsunshine (1:16:32 AM): i know
Failedsunshine (1:16:54 AM): i didnt really read the word it just looked unfamiliar and i replied
vorange4 (1:17:00 AM): oh
Failedsunshine (1:17:03 AM): then i went back and actually read it

Failedsunshine (1:17:06 AM): sorry
vorange4 (1:17:12 AM): its good to make assumptions
vorange4 (1:17:14 AM): word
Failedsunshine (1:19:00 AM): i gave it a 3 the end ruined it but thats no reason to give it below a 3
vorange4 (1:19:17 AM): i think thats fair
Failedsunshine (1:19:17 AM): i rate all the movies i see on a 10 point scale
Failedsunshine (1:19:32 AM): or a 5 point scale with half points
vorange4 (1:19:42 AM): i mentally converting your scale to my favored 5 star scale with haklf stars
Failedsunshine (1:20:14 AM): well what was your vote?
Failedsunshine (1:20:16 AM): on it?
vorange4 (1:20:34 AM): actually i think ive abondoned scaling movies
vorange4 (1:20:44 AM): instead i just categorize them
vorange4 (1:21:01 AM): want to see again dont want to see again
vorange4 (1:21:13 AM): and i didnt want to see planet of the apes again
vorange4 (1:22:17 AM): all these college books im reading keep warning about biasts and predjuces and opinions and preference and i think im phobic about passing judgment now
Failedsunshine (1:24:19 AM): but you have right, you are yourself, and you'd be a mindless drone if you gave no judgement on things, it does not really mean you have predjuces. it means you're an individual, and not some factory made society mainstream driven monkey
Failedsunshine (1:24:33 AM): no offense to monkeys
vorange4 (1:25:00 AM): i used to think that
vorange4 (1:25:42 AM): but this tower blowing up business has made me thing
vorange4 (1:25:47 AM): but not too much of course
Failedsunshine (1:25:56 AM): agreed
vorange4 (1:26:25 AM): i see lots of people interviewed that thing we should go blow stuff for retribution no matter what it is
vorange4 (1:26:55 AM): and they all seem like the type to pass judgement and weigh the things available
vorange4 (1:27:06 AM): and with planet of the apes
vorange4 (1:27:33 AM): i dont think i want to see it again
Failedsunshine (1:27:48 AM): wait, although i understand "our" sudden uprise patriotism, its no reason to jump to sudden revenge
vorange4 (1:27:50 AM): and one viewing may not be enough to appreciate the finer nuances
vorange4 (1:28:01 AM): right on
Failedsunshine (1:29:35 AM): i think that people were so qiuck to jump on america's back just last week, for the things they all saw were wrong with it, and why i ask, because things like political cartoons and snl told them that our goverment was soemthing to laugh at
vorange4 (1:30:06 AM): heh, snl is funny
Failedsunshine (1:30:09 AM): well fuck are they just now realizing that we're privliged not to live in a country that tells when we can and can not pray
Failedsunshine (1:30:30 AM): and where we can and can not walk
Failedsunshine (1:30:33 AM): yeah it is
vorange4 (1:30:48 AM): all this freedom has made us jaded to reality
Failedsunshine (1:30:53 AM): did they have one tonite?
Failedsunshine (1:31:00 AM): oh yeah
vorange4 (1:31:19 AM): yes
Failedsunshine (1:31:24 AM): damn
vorange4 (1:31:25 AM): but i wes watching max x
vorange4 (1:31:31 AM): there was a quote from president bush in the monitor today that my mom and i decided needing cut out and put on refrigerator stauts
Failedsunshine (1:32:01 AM): which was?
vorange4 (1:32:56 AM): "im a loving guy. And i am also someone, however, whos got a jobe to do, and i intend to do it. And this is a terrible moment."
vorange4 (1:33:06 AM): hes a moron!
Failedsunshine (1:33:17 AM): yeah
vorange4 (1:33:53 AM): i think its funny and frightening how inarticulate he is
Failedsunshine (1:34:04 AM): ofcourse he has a tough job to do, hes got to assure americans that everythings going to be okey, but he sucks at p.r., so hes screwed
Failedsunshine (1:34:23 AM): yeah, i'm not sure how he got to be the leader of the free world
vorange4 (1:34:36 AM): i think my favorite quote ive hear of his was something to the effect of "i said early something was like swiss cheese and by that i meant ineffective"
Failedsunshine (1:34:59 AM): heh
Failedsunshine (1:35:18 AM): idiot
vorange4 (1:35:29 AM): i think swiss cheese is very effective on a sandwich
vorange4 (1:35:45 AM): or as an improvised door stop
vorange4 (1:35:50 AM): its so versitile!
vorange4 (1:35:59 AM): what will wisconsin think
Failedsunshine (1:36:09 AM): well like i was saying i just think tat we let other people do way to decision making for us
Failedsunshine (1:36:26 AM): you should stan up for yourself, be an individual
vorange4 (1:36:26 AM): just a lousy state full of ineffective people producing ineffective cheese
vorange4 (1:36:39 AM): me?
Failedsunshine (1:36:47 AM): i like cheese
vorange4 (1:36:57 AM): i think im going to go smash a roach, brb
vorange4 (1:37:31 AM): got the fucker!
Failedsunshine (1:37:41 AM): fuck brad pitt, you are a beautiful and unique snowflake
vorange4 (1:37:44 AM): i would gladly wage war against roaches
Failedsunshine (1:37:50 AM): good for you , bad for roach
Failedsunshine (1:38:43 AM): ofcourse he was just pointing out the downfalls of society as a whole
vorange4 (1:38:45 AM): thank you. my crystalline structure is very intricate
Failedsunshine (1:38:49 AM): what a great movie
vorange4 (1:38:55 AM): yeah
Failedsunshine (1:38:56 AM): i know
Failedsunshine (1:39:04 AM): its gorgeous
vorange4 (1:39:06 AM): this is a sad month in addition to the obvious
Failedsunshine (1:39:17 AM): your structure that is
vorange4 (1:39:28 AM): this months issue of quantum is the last issue ever
vorange4 (1:39:40 AM): i brush it every month
vorange4 (1:39:53 AM): my structure that is
Failedsunshine (1:40:19 AM): is there nothing that can replace the hours of enjoyment quantum brought yyou
vorange4 (1:40:42 AM): if there is i dont think im immediatly aware of it
Failedsunshine (1:40:59 AM): say for instance.....seventeen
vorange4 (1:41:18 AM): eurika!
vorange4 (1:41:27 AM): beanse bestill my heart
Failedsunshine (1:41:35 AM): or some other trendy boy bdan crazed booklet
vorange4 (1:42:01 AM): i was thinking more along the lines of destinys child
vorange4 (1:42:22 AM): i dont think the boy bands could quite fill the void
Failedsunshine (1:43:10 AM): understandable
vorange4 (1:43:16 AM): do you have a job
Failedsunshine (1:43:49 AM): maybe, if my drug test comes back peachy
vorange4 (1:43:58 AM): where
Failedsunshine (1:44:19 AM): hastings
vorange4 (1:44:23 AM): ooh!
vorange4 (1:44:27 AM): if you get the job
vorange4 (1:44:45 AM): tell them to order american psycho and to mark it down to 2 dollars
Failedsunshine (1:45:02 AM): got ya
Failedsunshine (1:46:51 AM): maybe i'll get it for you for your b-day
vorange4 (1:46:55 AM): oh i guess since you didnt get any of my notes you dont know that i was here that night you came by at 1:24
vorange4 (1:47:09 AM): id hate that i dont celebrate
vorange4 (1:47:36 AM): but i was in deep sleep aparently and didnt wake to your knock
Failedsunshine (1:47:55 AM): yes
vorange4 (1:48:23 AM): yes what
Failedsunshine (1:48:46 AM): i was htere
Failedsunshine (1:48:49 AM): there
Failedsunshine (1:48:59 AM): brb
vorange4 (1:50:54 AM): artie wants to know who you are
Failedsunshine (1:51:07 AM): dont tell
Failedsunshine (1:51:11 AM): did you tell
vorange4 (1:51:12 AM): ok
vorange4 (1:51:13 AM): no
Failedsunshine (1:51:18 AM): good
Failedsunshine (1:51:46 AM): thank you, we didnt leave on good terms, and i'm afraid that if he knows its me he wont answer the phone wheni call
vorange4 (1:52:02 AM): check it
Failedsunshine (1:53:05 AM): i have to go
vorange4 (1:53:11 AM): ok
Failedsunshine (1:53:11 AM): see you
vorange4 (1:53:41 AM): adieu