Trippychick170: hey space cowboy

vorange4: hey there streaker

Trippychick170: what in heavens do you mean

vorange4: schazam, i heard about your naked goodness at the beach

vorange4: heh

Trippychick170: yeah you missed all the fun

Trippychick170: j/k

vorange4: right right

Trippychick170: well igot good the last 2 nights

vorange4: got some good streaking in?

vorange4: theres nothin like good streakin

Trippychick170: well...i'm not one to brag!!

vorange4: good steakin will cure anything that ails ya

Trippychick170: lol

vorange4: arent you though

Trippychick170: well i was suffering from vodka overload

vorange4: its understandable

Trippychick170: so what are you doing tommorrow

vorange4: working

vorange4: and sleeping

vorange4: are you going to tatoo the earth

Trippychick170: no thats not my scene

vorange4: ah

vorange4: i didnt know you had i scene

vorange4: i dont have a scene

vorange4: im missin out in the scene department

Trippychick170: well i don't have a definite one but if i had to choose that wouldn't be it

vorange4: wise

Trippychick170: i'm like that old guy from karate kid

Trippychick170: or something like that

vorange4: because of the white hair right

vorange4: thats how you are like him

Trippychick170: what are you doing tommorrow night

Trippychick170: yes thats it

vorange4: probably nothing

Trippychick170: maybe we could "chill"

vorange4: sounds chill worhty

vorange4: what do you do want doing

Trippychick170: if that made sense i'd say anything your up to that doesnt involve alot of cash cause i'm broke

vorange4: huzzah to the broke

Trippychick170: huzzah

Trippychick170: what do you feel like doing

Trippychick170: isnt wes in town

vorange4: how about that rice thing you mentioned before

Trippychick170: involves money and i'm not gunna take you out to eat and let you pay

vorange4: but thats what i live for

Trippychick170: lol

vorange4: how about that

vorange4: aol mail

vorange4: from who?

vorange4: you!

Trippychick170: yea!!

vorange4: im just going to the beach for a day perhaps

vorange4: i dont think ill be spending the night or anything key

vorange4: and you dont steak in the day right?

vorange4: so i guess ill miss out again

Trippychick170: that an invite

vorange4: to streak?

Trippychick170: only if you do it too

Trippychick170: lol

vorange4: im struk

Trippychick170: thats okey maybe some other time

vorange4: all right

vorange4: my last day of work is the friday before school starts

vorange4: its real bad shit

Trippychick170: ugh

vorange4: no matter what anyone says working is harder than not working

vorange4: honest

Trippychick170: brb

vorange4: deal

Trippychick170: k

Trippychick170: well i think i'm gunna get a job at a toy store soon. well thats if i accept which i probabl;y will

Trippychick170: that should be a tad more fun then counting insects

vorange4: rub it in

vorange4: but who would trust you with children?

Trippychick170: hey. i'm responsible

vorange4: responsible enough to step on babies heads?

vorange4: i think so!

Trippychick170: its not like i run around nakid in public places..oh wait

vorange4: heh

Trippychick170: its called explora or something

vorange4: do you get emplee discounts

Trippychick170: yup

vorange4: ooooh toys!

Trippychick170: i know isnt that the coolest

vorange4: it surely is

vorange4: i got a bunch of government booty today

Trippychick170: hey hey hey

vorange4: the place where i work is moving to a new building

vorange4: and they are throwing things out

Trippychick170: still in weslco

Trippychick170: like what

vorange4: i rumaged through the trash and got some key shit

vorange4: yes weslaco

vorange4: a flashy thing, a paper holding thing, a heavy devie, something with switches

Trippychick170: thats so cool one mans trash is another mans trash put to better use

vorange4: heh

Trippychick170: oh yeah i'm clever

vorange4: you had me going i thought you were going in to lousy cliche mod with the treasure

vorange4: but no!

vorange4: wes is wb321

Trippychick170: you never know what you get with me!! you think one thing then WHAM an curve ball

vorange4: very painful indeed

Trippychick170: well i try

vorange4: suc

vorange4: cess

vorange4: ness

Trippychick170: lol

Trippychick170: so what do you want to do tom.nite

vorange4: uh

Trippychick170: good plan

vorange4: yess!

Trippychick170: you so crazy

Trippychick170: i just downloaaded one of tobi and charlies new songs its called fight club

vorange4: is it sweet

Trippychick170: no its just music no words

vorange4: well...

vorange4: thats sweet!

Trippychick170: my step dad has this huge book completely dedicated to the history of Heineken beer

Trippychick170: i think thats a waste of perfectly good tree

vorange4: im inclined to agree

vorange4: but i think my dad has the same book

Trippychick170: : )

vorange4: stupid drunken literates

vorange4: when will they learn that you can be drunken or you can be literate but you cant be both

Trippychick170: you make laugh so much

vorange4: its good that im in to laughter making instead of stab wounds, eh?

Trippychick170: there you go again with the laughter

vorange4: your welcome

Trippychick170: wasn't i supposed to say thanks first

vorange4: no!

vorange4: thats proposturous

Trippychick170: sorry sorry

Trippychick170: stupid me

Trippychick170: well then how about there anything fun at your house

vorange4: i have trees

Trippychick170: i had a dream i met your mom and she punched me

vorange4: yeah

Trippychick170: theres a start

vorange4: she would do that

Trippychick170: i still dont get that

Trippychick170: but hey what ever

vorange4: its works like this: she punches

vorange4: and you get hit

Trippychick170: cute real cute

vorange4: whats not to get

Trippychick170: forget i mentioned it

vorange4: i will do that

Trippychick170: so have they shut down napster yet

vorange4: last i heard they had

Trippychick170: oh

vorange4: damn shame

Trippychick170: damn fine shame

Trippychick170: so shawns in town

vorange4: toche

vorange4: sean is in the town

Trippychick170: hws that going

vorange4: hes goin to tatoo deal tomorrow

Trippychick170: sorry i misspelled his name

vorange4: its going allll right

Trippychick170: your not right

vorange4: sorry

Trippychick170: sorry what

vorange4: about the non rightness

vorange4: i got a cavity filled today

vorange4: thats was fun

Trippychick170: did it hurt

vorange4: not really

Trippychick170: good. how many do you have

vorange4: i caught it early so he drilled with out pain needle thingy

vorange4: i had one

Trippychick170: how many do you have all together

vorange4: oh shitloads

Trippychick170: lol

Trippychick170: if you had to describe yourself in 5 wordas what

vorange4: ive got teeth like a pornstar

vorange4: qwa?

vorange4: i only get five

Trippychick170: yup

vorange4: fuck

vorange4: thats one

Trippychick170: okey

Trippychick170: 4 more

vorange4: jumping head fuck thought house

vorange4: there you go

Trippychick170: good job

vorange4: thats was hard

vorange4: spill your words

Trippychick170: hold on let me think

vorange4: fesup

Trippychick170: small average broke

Trippychick170: umm

vorange4: ooh

vorange4: somebodys low on self esteem feul

Trippychick170: failing

vorange4: better get to yhe pump quick before we have to push

Trippychick170: polite

Trippychick170: i am not

vorange4: small average broke failing polite

vorange4: sounds rather defeatest to me

Trippychick170: thats me

vorange4: why five words?

vorange4: did you just come up with that

Trippychick170: well you asounded more like a thing than a person...

Trippychick170: yes i did

vorange4: heh, im a bot, ro

Trippychick170: i dont doubt

vorange4: i dont have to type, i have a plug

Trippychick170: oh lucky you

vorange4: agreed!

Trippychick170: do you play poker?

Trippychick170: or pool

vorange4: ive played both

vorange4: at the same time!

Trippychick170: i made fillet miogne tonite

Trippychick170: talented

vorange4: classy!

Trippychick170: i know it was good too.

vorange4: i had microwaved medoly tonight

Trippychick170: hehe

Trippychick170: well maybe i can cook you dinner sometime

vorange4: you should swap one of your words for talented

vorange4: or swap one for miogne

Trippychick170: lol

Trippychick170: i think i'll go with talented

vorange4: well... ok

Trippychick170: yeah

Trippychick170: my step dad is such a bum. all he does is watch tv

vorange4: thats an honorable trade

vorange4: bumship that is

Trippychick170: he doesnt even mow the lawn which is something i like to get done cause my dad always taught me to take care of the lawn

vorange4: lawn!

Trippychick170: yes the lawn

vorange4: ive never had a lawn

vorange4: my mom taught me that lawns a ridiculous waste

Trippychick170: its not like i'm bitching but i like to get to walk through it without getting lost

vorange4: so i guess were like the capulets and the montagues

Trippychick170: so we should fall in love and kill ourselves

vorange4: happy dagger!

vorange4: thats the best quote in alll of literature

Trippychick170: i'm not keen on that whole dying part

vorange4: but thats the best part!

Trippychick170: lol

vorange4: you get to say happy dagger

Trippychick170: tell you what how bout we live and you can say happy dagger all you want

vorange4: and you cant just say happy dagger and then not kill yourself

vorange4: people might call you a happy dagger poser

vorange4: and then you would die anyway of shame

Trippychick170: alright we'll die

vorange4: horrible horrible shame

vorange4: sweet deal

Trippychick170: we'll say happy dagger

Trippychick170: boy what you do for love

Trippychick170: j/k

vorange4: or we could get some barbeque

Trippychick170: cool

Trippychick170: eating is good

vorange4: its better than starving i hear

vorange4: do you like fish

Trippychick170: no way.. i hear that too

Trippychick170: sometimes

Trippychick170: do you

vorange4: no

Trippychick170: oh thats right i remember

Trippychick170: we talked about this when i invited you to get sushi with me

vorange4: my dad loves the shit and hes been at the beach for a week fishing and eating fish and raw fish and water and fish

vorange4: the problem with fish is thats its too healthy and tastes like fish

Trippychick170: sound like an od of that simple swimming sea creature

Trippychick170: too healthy

Trippychick170: yeah i guess your right

vorange4: most likely not

Trippychick170: you know what i hate

vorange4: just ranting about everything

Trippychick170: fat free or light food

vorange4: people with faces

vorange4: oh yeah, they taste bad

Trippychick170: it takes all the flavor out

vorange4: which is the best part

Trippychick170: i know

Trippychick170: what are those crazy people thinking

vorange4: theyre probably hording all the tasteies for themselves

Trippychick170: they should take all that extracted flavor and put it in my food

vorange4: theyll condense the taste out of 100000 slim fast drinks into a pill

vorange4: and theyll eat it and turn to light and hang with god

Trippychick170: so..hi do you like music?

vorange4: hullo

vorange4: i music nowadays

Trippychick170: yes

vorange4: i musiced last night in fact

Trippychick170: to what

vorange4: white pony

Trippychick170: is it good

vorange4: deftones

Trippychick170: are you going to registration

vorange4: sure, good if you like crap

vorange4: and i like crap

vorange4: i dont know yet

Trippychick170: i like deftones but i'm not a crazed fan

vorange4: i dont know if i can get off job yet

Trippychick170: you should go

vorange4: i mean id like to get off

vorange4: theres nothing like getting off

Trippychick170: oh yeah work

vorange4: but the man beats down on loser folk

vorange4: and it might be hard to get off

Trippychick170: DANM THE MAN

Trippychick170: okey maybe not

vorange4: yess!

vorange4: oh..

Trippychick170: well have you askwed

vorange4: no

Trippychick170: i'm sure you can register later

vorange4: what time is it

vorange4: fuck

Trippychick170: i know i just looked too

Trippychick170: how long have we been on

vorange4: no i mean time is the registration

Trippychick170: oh i meant now

vorange4: ive been on for 1 hour 16 minutes

Trippychick170: iots early

vorange4: youve been on for i hour 51 minutes

Trippychick170: how do you know

vorange4: i have aol instant messager

Trippychick170: oh

vorange4: and its got powers beyond the brink of your mere aol

Trippychick170: oh wise aol im god

vorange4: goderific

Trippychick170: sure

Trippychick170: how often do you think about sex

vorange4: forever

Trippychick170: i see

vorange4: its got its own room in my head

vorange4: and its always in the house

vorange4: sometimes it turns the music down

Trippychick170: are you serious

vorange4: but most of the time the music is blaring

Trippychick170: really?

vorange4: yess!

Trippychick170: i dont believe you

Trippychick170: i just dont see you as that type of person

vorange4: what type

Trippychick170: normal guys are like that but your not normal

vorange4: the type with a head with rooms

vorange4: ah!

vorange4: thats right im a bot, ro

Trippychick170: the type that just thinks of sex

Trippychick170: yeah

Trippychick170: i like that better than the average hormone driven sex crazed chick deprived boy

vorange4: fancy that

Trippychick170: i'm tired i'm gunna go eat and watch tv

vorange4: filet?

vorange4: more filet?

Trippychick170: you should live closer so that you could come over all the time

vorange4: ill get right on that

Trippychick170: no no more filet, just junk food

Trippychick170: good you do that

vorange4: im moving in five minutes!

Trippychick170: well hurry cause i want yuou here now

Trippychick170: j/k

Trippychick170: well think about what you want to do tomm nite if you feel up to it

vorange4: whats your number

Trippychick170: i know you'll be tired from work and the beach

Trippychick170: 316-3665

vorange4: im not going to the beach tomorrow

Trippychick170: when

vorange4: maybe sunday

Trippychick170: oh with marc

vorange4: no with sean and that posse

Trippychick170: oh

Trippychick170: well call me

vorange4: whats there to do in edinburg

vorange4: the all star super city

Trippychick170: super splash

Trippychick170: lol

vorange4: how is super splash

Trippychick170: it sucks

vorange4: well thats no good

Trippychick170: well we'll see

Trippychick170: theres the movies but thers nothing good out

vorange4: the klumps!

vorange4: heh

Trippychick170: have you seen what lies beneath

vorange4: no

Trippychick170: maybe we should see that. i'll see if i can mooch money

vorange4: i gots 16

vorange4: i can cover

vorange4: wait

vorange4: havent you seen it already

Trippychick170: cause i invited you so i refuse to let you pay

Trippychick170: yes but its good

vorange4: good, eh?

Trippychick170: okey maybe we can chill with marc if you don't want to do that

vorange4: im not going to piss myself am i

Trippychick170: yeah its great

Trippychick170: maybe

Trippychick170: do you usually piss yourself

vorange4: yess...

Trippychick170: uh oh

vorange4: i pissed myself at the pokemon movie

vorange4: j/k

Trippychick170: maybe we should just chill with marc

vorange4: j/k as the kids say

Trippychick170: LOL

Trippychick170: yeah as the kids say

Trippychick170: those crazy kids

Trippychick170: what'll they come up with next

vorange4: the small average failing polite mioge kids

Trippychick170: he hwe

Trippychick170: brb

vorange4: ok

Trippychick170: ok

vorange4: how are things?

vorange4: things ok?

Trippychick170: yeah thinks are okey why do you ask

vorange4: you went and did something

vorange4: that would be things

Trippychick170: yeah i wanted to print this

vorange4: is it a picture of donny osmond?

Trippychick170: just cause for a memory

Trippychick170: no our conversation

vorange4: ah!

vorange4: well your a phsyco!

Trippychick170: yup

vorange4: huzzah to you and please make it quick

vorange4: the murdering i mean

Trippychick170: no thats not my scene either

Trippychick170: i like it slow

Trippychick170: j/k

vorange4: heh!

Trippychick170: i would never kill you

vorange4: right and then later youll make mioge out of my kidneys!

vorange4: oh, thank you

Trippychick170: i wonder if that would taste good hmm....

Trippychick170: : )

vorange4: whoa

Trippychick170: i'm just joking

vorange4: no, really!

Trippychick170: yeah really

vorange4: you mean ive gone and pissed myself for no good reason

vorange4: fiddlesticks

Trippychick170: lol

Trippychick170: well i guess i'll get to that tv thing now

vorange4: aight

Trippychick170: you better think what you want to do tomm

vorange4: fuck, more work

Trippychick170: cause we'll end up at my house again watching zorro

vorange4: wait, you invited so you are obligated to do the thinking

Trippychick170: ah shit your right

vorange4: yess!

Trippychick170: okey i'll think and you call me tomm

vorange4: me:1 you:0

Trippychick170: you win this time

Trippychick170: i'll get you next time gadget

vorange4: excelente

vorange4: heh

Trippychick170: bye fly guy

vorange4: dude out

Trippychick170: wait whats your#

vorange4: 585.7317

Trippychick170: k bye

vorange4: adieu

Trippychick170 signed off at 12:55:46 AM.