Trippychick170: hi

Vorange4: wog!

Trippychick170: how was bowling?

Vorange4: i really dig the "just cause" curios

Vorange4: allll right

Vorange4: i lost

Vorange4: but i wasnt in it for the winning

Trippychick170: who went?

Vorange4: i find bowling very relaxing

Vorange4: sean and jesse and jeb and i

Trippychick170: i find it a good way to make a fool of myself

Vorange4: right on

Trippychick170: i heard wes and vanessa broke up, and that you were kinda to thank for this

Vorange4: what?

Trippychick170: well you and shawn told wes she was all piss drunk at the party and wes got upset, even though he had no reason to

Vorange4: i didnt know they were together till wes told me he was breaking up with her

Vorange4: he told me they had plans to get together that night

Vorange4: but she never called and that was his reason

Trippychick170: oh...well me and vanessa just got back from kaficitos and we talked about that alot and she skinda upset at yoy for doing such a thing

Trippychick170: she did call, and he never bothered to pick up a phone, he was supposed to go get her

Vorange4: im a mite clueless and uninterested in the area

Vorange4: see i had no idea about that

Trippychick170: k

Vorange4: i dont doubt westons being completely wrong

Vorange4: if i have done something i shouldnt have please apologize for me to vanessa

Trippychick170: you seemed rather distant tonite

Vorange4: sorry

Vorange4: they used to call me captain distant back in the service

Trippychick170: i see. forgive my forwardness, i'm on a whole "boys are bad" trip, cause i just finished releasing all my tension about you all to my best girlfriend

Vorange4: makes sense

Vorange4: males a lousy bunch

Trippychick170: i suppose, thank you very much for the dirt, and everything

Vorange4: you should fight for the lesbian planet

Trippychick170: i don't hink so girls are so needy, they want and want and you give and give and then the accuse you of never giving

Trippychick170: or at least thats my background with the female population

Vorange4: dang whoa is all i have to say about that

Vorange4: did you wear your pajamas to kaficitos

Trippychick170: no i put on jeans and a shirt, they changed it all around

Trippychick170: its all trendy now

Vorange4: oh i see

Trippychick170: well i like the lighting

Trippychick170: have you been lately?

Vorange4: i never did like those umbrellas

Vorange4: yeahq

Vorange4: in the past year every time ive been its been different

Trippychick170: i agree

Trippychick170: my mom said sheloved your new glasses

Vorange4: i like to see well

Vorange4: brad seemed proud of his book shelves

Vorange4: why the fuck put book shelves in the doorway?