Trippychick170: did adrian give you the things?

Vorange4: things!?

Vorange4: i didnt get things!

Trippychick170: oh well

Trippychick170: next week

Vorange4: whoa!

Trippychick170: i had somehting for you, and i left early

Vorange4: i am going to go into mad wack anticipation mode

Vorange4: are you ok?

Trippychick170: i saw you at luch but you were busting your mac on a group of girls so i didn't bother you

Trippychick170: oh yeah i'm fine i just didn't want to go to pe so i had my mom pick me up early to go to lunch and take me shoppping

Vorange4: thats a nice mom

Vorange4: yeah, the ol mac

Trippychick170: lol

Trippychick170: yeah it was cool of her

Vorange4: its a dishonorable trade but curiosity prevails

Vorange4: did you buy anything

Trippychick170: oh yeah completey understandable

Vorange4: i had a lengthy conversation with your brother the other night

Trippychick170: oh really, about the birds and the bees?

Vorange4: and by lengthy conversation i mean i said hi and he said this is her little bro

Trippychick170: oh i see

Trippychick170: i came home and slept from 4 to 9

Vorange4: pure genius!

Trippychick170: i know it was great

Trippychick170: i only got up to check my mail and eat

Vorange4: eating is great

Trippychick170: isn't it though

Vorange4: probably

Vorange4: my parents dealt with the pizza folk tonight

Vorange4: it took about 3 and ahalf hours to get two large pizzas

Trippychick170: sounds better than what i had

Vorange4: but they gave em to us free

Trippychick170: i had a grapefriut

Trippychick170: theres nothing like free food

Vorange4: food they pay you to eat is dilly, yo

Vorange4: ive never had grapefruit with salt

Vorange4: rick was talking about that in randd today

Trippychick170: i have once, i don't like it

Vorange4: well then that sours the deal for me

Vorange4: or should i say salts the deal

Vorange4: hoohaha

Trippychick170: lol, i just can't stanf the combo, i like lucas on oranges htough

Vorange4: grand

Trippychick170: most people get all grossed out when i say that

Trippychick170: i'm not in the talking mode right now

Vorange4: thats koo

Trippychick170: i mean i have lots to say , but i just want to say it and it be on the screen, i don't want to type, thats why my answers have been cut and dry

Trippychick170: cause i'm lazy

Vorange4: you are the good and well deserved lazy muffin god tonight and i respect that more than i do my feet

Trippychick170: i heard you stopped by a while back

Vorange4: and thats a shitload of respect in case you were wondering

Vorange4: where

Trippychick170: and that my brother just barly opened the door

Trippychick170: my house

Vorange4: thats plausible

Trippychick170: i had just left too

Vorange4: i stop by lots, usually just to stand in your yard and stare with a look

Trippychick170: my mom said she asked my brother who it was, and he said i think it was kris, and sh wanted to stop you but you were long gone

Trippychick170: lol, i'm sure you do that

Trippychick170: no i'm not i think you made that up

Trippychick170: oh well, maybe next time

Vorange4: but im a stalker, you have to believe me

Vorange4: aw come on...

Vorange4: im scary

Vorange4: rah!

Trippychick170: okey fine i'll believe you

Vorange4: yeah, thats what im talking about

Trippychick170: lol

Vorange4: your behind in that restraining order by the way

Trippychick170: lol, i'll get right on that

Vorange4: fantastic

Vorange4: i can hardly wait till im able to run around you in a 100 yard diameter circle to avoid being arrested

Trippychick170: that would be grand, actually that would be a funny sight

Trippychick170: or scary

Trippychick170: i'm not sure

Vorange4: i know, i would be wicked tired by probably the 5th day

Vorange4: not too scary, i would have the courtesy to smile

Trippychick170: and wave?

Vorange4: and maybe off an on make a baloon animal

Trippychick170: can you make them?

Vorange4: no, thats ridiculous

Trippychick170: oh yeah just carzy

Vorange4: all i can make is a worm

Trippychick170: good, cause i like worms

Vorange4: or a snake

Vorange4: they are both pretty easy

Trippychick170: ehh, i'm still practicing

Vorange4: figures

Trippychick170: lol

Vorange4: id like to watch a movie where two people are stalking each other

Vorange4: will you make me such a movie

Trippychick170: do you think they'd eentually find out about eachother

Trippychick170: i think i'd just film us

Trippychick170: i'd make you a glaxay if you asked

Vorange4: i suppose they would if the screen play was written by a boorish moron

Trippychick170: lol

Vorange4: in mine they eventually both invent laser cars

Trippychick170: yea laser....

Vorange4: makes sense to me too

Vorange4: what does galaxy construction entail

Vorange4: is there corn starch

Vorange4: "thats ok birdman, i like corn"

Trippychick170: well, first theres the stars and the planets and then maybe a sun

Trippychick170: i think i'd have a hard time putting it in a nice gift wrapped box

Vorange4: if you can find a way to work that into your daily life you will be a better person for it

Trippychick170: to you or to everyone?

Trippychick170: cause i think if not to you

Trippychick170: then why

Trippychick170: cause it would be for you

Vorange4: definitely to me

Trippychick170: oh okey good

Vorange4: conventional wrapping of gifts is just bah!

Vorange4: but then again im anti establishment moron

Trippychick170: agreed, i think especially for a whole galaxy

Trippychick170: so don't expect it to be doen tomm

Trippychick170: it might take a little while

Vorange4: deal

Vorange4: whatever happened to illiana

Trippychick170: you know cause i have to wait for the stars to process, or something

Trippychick170: she goes to mac high

Vorange4: mrs pederson still calls her for attendance

Vorange4: i dig it

Trippychick170: lol, she dropped out.

Vorange4: i got my photos from england back today

Trippychick170: oh yeah, have to see some time

Vorange4: they are all bad

Trippychick170: why do you say that?

Vorange4: i only took one disposable camera and they are all underexposed

Trippychick170: oh, well i guess you have to go back

Vorange4: agreed!

Vorange4: i want to go to spain next

Trippychick170: i told my mom that you went alone, and she got upset that i didn't tell her, she said she would've wanted to send me with you

Trippychick170: oh, beware running bulls

Vorange4: damn

Trippychick170: i know

Vorange4: that wouldve been sweet

Trippychick170: i think it would have been a bit hindering in the clubs with all those hott chicks, but other than that i don't hink i would've bothered you much

Vorange4: pshaw!

Vorange4: you wouldve been inundated by beefy brit guys with maximum groove factors and that accent

Vorange4: x was like 50 pounds though

Vorange4: and hard to get

Trippychick170: lol, hmm i don't do the drugs anymore, and i 'm leaning more to the no on the brit guys

Trippychick170: did you try to get it?

Vorange4: no

Vorange4: the folk were telling me the ways of brit clubs

Trippychick170: oh

Trippychick170: crazy brits, have you seen all the monty pythons>?

Vorange4: most of them

Vorange4: i hvent seen the shows

Trippychick170: oh

Vorange4: "jesus christ"

Vorange4: thats from the search for the holy grail after the guys head it goned by the rabit

Trippychick170: no onw ever gets when i say "run away run away" in that accent

Vorange4: damn them for being ignorant to the classics

Trippychick170: crazy uneducated persons

Trippychick170: yup

Vorange4: just point out no one to me and ill learn em a thing ot two

Trippychick170: oh believe me i will point out no one to you, and you learn em good

Vorange4: its going to be a rotten scene

Vorange4: for them

Trippychick170: oh yeah oh yeah, i'll just point i don't hink i have the stomac to watch

Vorange4: thats ok, you can sell concessions

Trippychick170: oh yeah, service with a smile

Vorange4: how many bubbles can you burst

Vorange4: i can burst a million

Trippychick170: 2

Trippychick170: million

Trippychick170: hahaha

Vorange4: rah!

Vorange4: always with the upstaging

Trippychick170: i win

Vorange4: its true

Vorange4: dont i ever get tired of always losing?

Trippychick170: don't worry theres a consolation prize

Vorange4: no! im immune

Vorange4: consol this, graceful winner, humph

Trippychick170: i think i have a few tricks up my sleeve to take care of your sad loss

Vorange4: not the face!

Trippychick170: don't worry

Trippychick170: its a bit more gentle

Vorange4: i am oh so wooly

Vorange4: do you prefer ramie or rayon?

Vorange4: im totally for rayon

Trippychick170: rayon

Vorange4: buyeah!

Trippychick170: take that brad pitt

Vorange4: im taking it

Vorange4: one spoon at a time

Trippychick170: lol,

Vorange4: what can you see and make but not touch

Vorange4: your shadow

Vorange4: lame if you ask me

Trippychick170: oh, tried to trick me eh?

Vorange4: no

Trippychick170: kinda

Vorange4: i would never

Trippychick170: okey good then i'd have to beat you down

Vorange4: like a mog eh?

Trippychick170: and a hog on a log in the fog playing pog

Vorange4: thats a neat white dog we have

Vorange4: that should be your dog

Vorange4: take it!

Trippychick170: what?

Vorange4: you havent seen the white dog that hangs around

Vorange4: he comes in with the fog

Vorange4: i think hes magic

Vorange4: not really

Vorange4: but there is a dog

Trippychick170: oh yeah, i wanted to take him today when i was lwaving

Vorange4: good looking pup too

Vorange4: right!

Trippychick170: yeah, he looks healthy

Trippychick170: and lonely

Vorange4: perfect combination for manipulation

Trippychick170: lol, oh that means i'm easily maniputlated

Vorange4: me too!

Vorange4: except im not very healthy

Vorange4: i ran the mile in 6.26

Vorange4: i was pleased

Trippychick170: wow, that sounds healthy

Vorange4: not bad for a cracka

Vorange4: toot

Vorange4: toot

Vorange4: toot

Trippychick170: "i can do it"

Vorange4: thats the sound of a haughty ass tooting his own horn

Trippychick170: no no, "i think i can"

Vorange4: the catholic church frowns upon tooting ones own horn

Vorange4: hehe

Trippychick170: lol

Trippychick170: so yeah tooting horns

Vorange4: i can dig it

Trippychick170: moe power to the deed

Trippychick170: hey we should wail to the moon together

Trippychick170: on the backs of giant turtles

Vorange4: yes, power to land ownership documentation

Vorange4: wail?

Vorange4: if thes going to be any wailing

Vorange4: i want to whale

Trippychick170: sail

Vorange4: fair enough

Vorange4: the moon, eh?

Trippychick170: yeah

Vorange4: how about europa

Vorange4: i hear its nice this time of year

Vorange4: and elss crouded

Trippychick170: we would et away from the human race

Vorange4: theyre a ousy bunch anywho

Vorange4: lousy

Trippychick170: i know,

Trippychick170: with all thier stupid, humanness

Trippychick170: your anti human so i'm crazy about you, your unlike the masses

Vorange4: they be suppressin us

Vorange4: thakn you thank you

Trippychick170: agreed

Vorange4: that shit that says "protons have mass? i didnt even know they were catholic."

Vorange4: good shit

Vorange4: really ties into my nerdy longings

Trippychick170: lol, good shit good shit

Trippychick170: nerdy?

Vorange4: yeah

Trippychick170: o

Trippychick170: do you lke eve 6?

Vorange4: i tolertate

Vorange4: thats the operative word

Vorange4: i dont listen to them often enough to like them

Vorange4: they may be my favorite band in the whole world

Vorange4: but i wouldnt knwo anthing about that

Trippychick170: isn't it crazy how so many things exist without you even knoing, theres this whole other world out around you and i'm sittingin my room watching tv

Trippychick170: i think about hat alot

Trippychick170: about whats around me

Vorange4: heh

Vorange4: thats why you probably get depressed often

Vorange4: you need to get away from that reality realization shit

Vorange4: its dangerous

Trippychick170: well i think about my problems and then i start thinking man i fraking selfish when there are people with real issues out there and that makes me sadder

Trippychick170: yeah i know or thinking at all

Vorange4: the other day i was thinking about what you said

Trippychick170: ...?

Vorange4: about the therapist people saying crazy people go to other places int their head

Vorange4: and i think i am slowly losing my grip with reality

Vorange4: its a slippery bitch

Vorange4: time traveler was freaking out about you having his wallet

Trippychick170: oh yeah, i thought that at one time too, i would worry about myself, becuase i wuld drift so often and it bacame better than really living, then i tried to change myself cause i thought i was going crazy

Vorange4: hes a real drama queen

Trippychick170: why?

Trippychick170: what did he say?

Trippychick170: they gave it to me cause they knew i wouldn't loose it

Vorange4: something to the affect "aww man stephanie has my wallet, man"

Trippychick170: lol, ehh, he gave me a ride to school today, he intimidates me

Vorange4: its that sweet package he has

Trippychick170: him and his coolness, i always want to talk to him and start conversation, but i don't want to sound like a dork

Trippychick170: sorry never noticed the package

Vorange4: oh well, neither have i...

Trippychick170: sure

Trippychick170: i have to go my brothers going to bed

Vorange4: ok

Vorange4: gooooo knit

Trippychick170: dream a drem and plant yourself a pea

Vorange4: win those decances