Trippychick170: hey, thank you for the suggestions on cocaine

Vorange4: you are certainly welcome

Vorange4: are you your friend

Vorange4: because they way you wrote it made it seem that way

Vorange4: sorry if i am wrong

Trippychick170: crazy you and your ideas. so here i want to mak eyou a deal

Vorange4: what sort of deal

Trippychick170: come christmas i think it might pop into your head to maybe spend money on me

Vorange4: how does that work

Trippychick170: well before that i dea gets there, how bout we agree not to pend money on eachother

Vorange4: ok

Trippychick170: okey good

Vorange4: ill definitely agree to that

Trippychick170: i already finished your present though

Trippychick170: its not great but its alright

Vorange4: well, thats great

Vorange4: now of course i have to kick you in the clit

Trippychick170: yeah i was real happy, oww

Vorange4: freddys deep progress

Trippychick170: are we aloowed to talk in person?

Vorange4: theres no rules

Vorange4: but im a scared fellow

Vorange4: arent you the type to bite vital organs off

Vorange4: i heard they used to call you liver chomper steph back in the war

Vorange4: and cerebral cortex grinder in alabama

Trippychick170: oh i understand. i won't bother then. we'll keep it purely electronic

Vorange4: fuck it, if you want more then im goddamn talking to you tomorrow

Vorange4: oh yeah, and im going to mention the weather...

Trippychick170: no no.

Vorange4: your screwed

Vorange4: i have a mission

Vorange4: i am like so fucking going to talk to you tomorrow is not even slightly laugh worthy

Trippychick170: its kinda laugh worthy

Vorange4: ah! youre right

Vorange4: do you see what i have to contend with?

Vorange4: i couldve been a contenda...

Trippychick170: no not really i just see you, an

Vorange4: what are you doing tonight, how about i come over where you are and we can talk, you dig?

Vorange4: ill bring a half full bag of walnuts

Trippychick170: ummm...if you wish to drive all that ways. you cant stay too long. bu tif you want to go through the trouble

Vorange4: nah! thatd just be crazzzzy

Vorange4: im not crazzzzy

Trippychick170: would it?

Vorange4: maybe

Trippychick170: oh okey

Trippychick170: well whatever makes you happy

Vorange4: besides where would i get a half full bag of walnuts

Vorange4: thats my major roadblock

Trippychick170: lol

Trippychick170: oh well if it helps i've never been a major fan of walnuts

Vorange4: i wish it did help but thats the only thing i like anymore

Vorange4: i jest

Vorange4: whats your nut of choice

Trippychick170: oh good

Trippychick170: pecans

Vorange4: youre not a pecan lady are you

Vorange4: ah!

Trippychick170: not peanuts i'm so tired of them

Vorange4: i dig that

Vorange4: peanuts are soooo played

Vorange4: i have several pecan trees behind my house

Vorange4: i went out there yesterday

Vorange4: thats where the chicken got killed

Vorange4: lots of feathers

Vorange4: damn shame it is

Vorange4: the whole lot

Trippychick170: did you see any sighs of the the eater

Vorange4: nah

Vorange4: theyre too crafty and nocturnal

Trippychick170: i see, i have a conffesion

Trippychick170: it was me

Vorange4: me thinks it was a coon

Vorange4: no!

Vorange4: you sure can make em scream

Vorange4: i bet youre a demon in the sack

Vorange4: hooha!

Trippychick170: i'm not one to float my own boat but i have had comments of the positive persuasion

Trippychick170: j/k

Vorange4: another chicken was missing tonight

Trippychick170: wasn't me

Vorange4: i can see through your js slshes and ks

Vorange4: you mean to float your boat all the way up the nile and back again

Trippychick170: thats a bit far

Vorange4: this lady called my house tonight

Trippychick170: was she hot?

Vorange4: and apparently her daughter moved back in with her

Vorange4: no, shes 50 some

Vorange4: well, maybe yeah

Trippychick170: lol

Vorange4: i want swallow this marble but i dont want to have to evacuate it

Vorange4: can you see the dilemma im in?

Trippychick170: clearly


Trippychick170: did you?

Vorange4: no, logic triumphed over spontaneity

Vorange4: it was a harsh battle

Trippychick170: too bad

Vorange4: lots of writhing on the floor speaking in tongues

Trippychick170: it would have been a cool story, or a reason for me to laugh at you. j/k

Vorange4: laugh allllll you want ms joke lady

Trippychick170: i still haven't done my pederson hoemwork

Vorange4: hey!

Vorange4: we should hang out

Vorange4: im in that same boat

Vorange4: and its getting awfully close to sinking time

Vorange4: good think ive got gills

Vorange4: oh wait!

Vorange4: those arent gills those are scabs!

Vorange4: fiddlesticks

Trippychick170: eww.

Vorange4: what play are you presumably doing

Trippychick170: as you like it

Vorange4: iago and i are having some quality time

Vorange4: by that i mean im doing othello

Trippychick170: oh that was my first one

Vorange4: key! so whats the secret and the theme and the meaning of life according to othello

Vorange4: and what shoe size does othello wear

Trippychick170: got me i read the spark notes

Vorange4: ooooh sparks

Vorange4: can you believe after all these years pederson still expects us to read and write things

Vorange4: i find it hard to believe

Vorange4: she must be really dense

Trippychick170: are you making fun of my anti read protest?

Vorange4: like nathan stupid med high guy dense

Vorange4: no

Vorange4: i also didnt read

Vorange4: anything

Vorange4: for the past two years

Vorange4: if anyone is being made fun of its some third party

Vorange4: i hold you in high esteem

Vorange4: please accept my apologies for the misunderstanding

Trippychick170: its okey, don't fret

Vorange4: done and done and i mean done!

Vorange4: i am wicked hot

Vorange4: burning in the head

Vorange4: feverish mad dog

Vorange4: hoowee i had nifty slice of pie for dinner

Vorange4: did you sup?

Trippychick170: umm, no not really. i'll eat later

Vorange4: is it all the coke suppressing your appetite?

Trippychick170: you and your crazy ideas. so i'm getting an mp3 player for christmas

Vorange4: my dad used to not eat for 4 or 5 days at a time

Vorange4: thats grand

Vorange4: those are good for music listening

Trippychick170: thats right your dad used to be in that sceen

Vorange4: mad wack into it

Vorange4: he even had the tshit and hat

Vorange4: and the entire collectors set

Vorange4: but he auctioned it all of on ebay

Vorange4: made a nice profit

Trippychick170: lol. well i make a nice profit from it too

Vorange4: ooh, so thats the business?

Trippychick170: yup i made 70 today. it was an up day i usually only make an average 30n to 40

Vorange4: oh man my mom was telling the other day that i should have gotten into drug dealing since im obviously going to be a failure

Vorange4: shes such a nice lady

Trippychick170: lol, i think your one of the brightest people i know

Vorange4: thats a sad sate to be in

Trippychick170: for me or you?

Trippychick170: no i think you are the top one

Vorange4: oh yeah, one of those

Vorange4: bam, you must be hangin out with a lot of tree trunks

Trippychick170: lol. you say it like its a bad thing

Vorange4: s: "so there tree trunk, how are you"

tt: ""

s: "thats nice"

tt: ""

Trippychick170: yup thats me

Trippychick170: well it seems that your crazy adventure to mi casa fell through. maybe next time when yor more daring to it earlier. i'll see you later

Vorange4: oh thats it

Vorange4: i am so coming over tonight

Trippychick170: lol.

Trippychick170: how bout tomm, when i have make up on and my hairs not so wet

Vorange4: what!!!! fucking makeup and dryness!

Vorange4: i wont have it

Trippychick170: no i think you should take that pacakge deal, i'm pretty ugly

Vorange4: yeah well i get booed at by sewer hobos

Vorange4: so you might actually be in my league for once

Trippychick170: oh yeah those super model hobos

Trippychick170: sweet dreams

Vorange4: thank you deary

Vorange4: hows that crying sleep coming along?

Trippychick170: we'll see about tonite

Trippychick170: bye

Vorange4: gluck wdat and gnight