Subj: your just too good to be true

Date: 9/27/00 4:10:05 PM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Trippychick170

To: Vorange4

hey there. i just read your email about buying me a naval ring. htas very thought full of you. i should go buy it at spancers. you know spencers is the only place you can buy a ouija board. i really want to get want one of those, but i've only see the crappy glow in the dark ones. i want one of the originals. well maybe someday. i've had that song"your just too good to be true" in my head all day, probably cause it was in that movie ronnie had. i really enjoyed your company last night, but i'm still very sorry i kept you so long. i'm in r&d and everyones talking about prom and how everyone but kayla hates the place we're having it and all that crap, i don't care i figure its the after party that counts. (or something). well i guess i'll let you go do stuff thats a whole lot better than eating live frog's legs cause when they're alive it's just mean. so have an apricoty day. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo