Subj: king to rooks pawn 7 left of north

Date: 9/7/00 12:56:43 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Vorange4

To: Trippychick170

i am sorry to hear about shit. i think thats really cool that youre not prissy, but doesnt there need to be a moderate amount of questioning so that a solution can be acquired? i dont know. "i work real hard on not being like a girl. i hate those kind of people." i thought that was real funny. those kind of people, heh. my mom all ways said guys were cooler than girls, but she was a cheerleader so i dont know if it holds any water. if ever i am down or such it doesnt last long because i have ferny for r and d. hes always complaining about life and how he sucks and it just makes my existence seem so much better. you should hang out with ferny, i mean not. definitely go for the enjoyment of this life thing. thats quite a job dilemma. just remember that working is a lot harder than not working. honest. and what those people say about a little hard work never hurt anybody is a complete fucking lie. the people that say that are labor camp wardens with whips and wet newspaper. speaking of hard labor, i dig p.e. all that burning is way good. now dont get too used to coming to school, you might end up doing well. it must be nice to have time and access to write email. good ol' schroll. ithink ill marry him as well. who is up for polygamy? me! i fell asleep during my government test. i think i did badly. double score!