Subj: span the box

Date: 9/28/00 2:14:55 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Vorange4

To: Trippychick170

hello lady fantastic. that (epeso) is perhaps the best gift i have ever received. and when you said entertainment for hours you were not joking. i was a sad sight on the bus. i usually fall asleep as soon as i get on the bus and wake up moments before we are about to get dropped off. this day i didnt get any good sleeping. i was playing with that deal and periodically laughing at the silly faces. so, thank you very much once again. i had a long talk with marc during lunch. it looks like hes about to make his move. ronnie and weston worded it as a coup. it should be interesting to see. id like very much not to have to pick sides and i hope a resolution can be made to appease the masses. that urasky dick showed us our grades today. most everyone is disappointed with them. he gives us daily evaluation grades based on what we are doing whenever he chooses to look at us. lots of zeros in that area. urasky = unfair ass. *happy existence to you sweet princess.*