Subj: sing to a pore in a singapore and you will sweat

Date: 9/15/01 2:23:54 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: (no yes)







i am here [in cyberspace amongst the t-rr0100101110]. im sorry that i may not have replied to a previous email as it seems i have not by the degree of urgency you see the thing about this hotmail bizz is all these "teen girls want me" and i can get "great mortgage rates and debt relief" so i have difficulty sorting properly. and it seems i delete a lot of pertinent mail. sorry. fortunately in this instance the subject was less solicitory so i opened it and there werent any links or bloody propaganda.

and yet i must ask you to forgive me once again for i dont think i know who this is. rachel, perhaps? if you could so kindly refresh my memory i would be delighted to be of service.


p.s. are you there mad wack cactus dealer!? fucking reply you crazy dentist!</div>