Subj: no sauce!

Date: 9/12/00 5:40:31 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Vorange4

To: Trippychick170

i did well in the having a day department of the day in which the question was asked. thank you stephanie for asking. if i didnt know any better i would say you have a big box of gusto and you are putting it into full throttle setting mode. i see you writing and working quite often. huzzah to your gumption. i told my parents and my teachers that i have a big box of gusto and that i plan to use it all this year on school but i was lying. my box is very low and i dont even know how to open it. i think there is a lever somewhere. nice box! watch out on the being positive, you might get shot (in reference to your cintech profile sheet of death: pure genius. by far one of the best of the best of the best profiles). i would enjoy a delicious chat section with the queen of pop, stephanie van der talk. at one point there were some plans made for me. something about filming the marc movie and finishing up the weston, ronnie, and mark collaboration. im sure something can be arranged in a deranged fashion to appease the masses. youre quite welcome with those dang ol' rolos. no finer gift in my warped delusional opinion. i share your same experience. there is a delightful overwhelming joy to see the written contact mail icon. its like a spray of moist freshness in the face after a day of eating glass. so sweet…