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"Hannah Russell" <>

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Fri, 07 Sep 2001 23:46:39 -0500

hey kris

kayla and i just played a joke on bill it was highly amusing and no bill's were harmed during the making of the joke. Kayla called and bill got on the line too, i got on aim and so did she. He started to tell kayla about this dream he had last night; he had already told me about it when we were cleaning out the garage today. His dream reminded me of this book that both of us had read. Uh huh. So through the computer i told kayla about the book thing and about this other book by the same guy that he read, and they were talking about the book and how it relates to the dream like she knew what she was saying. Then she predicted a part of the dream that he had. [ i told her] and then gave this interpretation that i was sending her, ah it was GREAT! sigh! I guess I'll talk to you when i get back, have a nice weekend. And stop talking to Chris.