Tue, 8 Aug 2000 18:46:06 EDT

        i too had a delightful time with you. you seemed a bit more comfie at
time traveler's casa. you know whenever i'm around you never talk much and
you just kind of sit there, but at his house you talked and joked around, you
were like a guy. thats a compliment. so it was nice to see you as a guy than
just a quiet person. well whatever that means i had mondo amounts of
superilious fun.  your probably wondering what it all meant...well i think
that it was just a nice time with a really good pal, at least for right now.
and yes for sure we should have some chillin' going on in the near future.
        so hows workk going for you?  i haven't been up to much lately, just
hangin out with friends, and going to the mall and stuff. me and marc went to
the mall yesterday to buy him pants for school and we found an erie looking
manikin hand. so we kept it i think he should make it into a doorknob.  well
i guess i'll be seein' ya on the flip side.