Subj: scatter

Date: 8/27/00 3:26:55 AM !!!First Boot!!!

From: Trippychick170

To: Vorange4

so whats up pup? i'm still feeling the horrible illenss of addiction. aka i'm still sick. but its not that bad i just dont feel like moving. i feel like lying down and just being movements make me sick along with the smell of stuff. so off that fabulous note how was your day?mine was great i slept till 2 pm. then awoke and sat around. i went to get all my clothes from marcs house. i just got them and left cause arty and spanky were there and spanky despises me cause his girlfriend does and they were doing boy stuff.i think i'm too co-dependent. i need to get over that. oh well. i saw never been kissed today not a good movie but has a good message in the end. well at least for me. high school is not your entire life theres a world beyond this whole teenage thing. we all need to wake up and realize that this fucking petty shit is not or should not matter to us in a year, cause we'll all be gone or at least i will ,and i'll have a completely new life with completely new peple and this crowd of stuck up assholes down here that don't like me, can all go to hell cause if their life is going to revlove around spreading rumors about me then they're wasting perfectly good oxygen. so i think i'm gunna get a goat. itsnt that the coolest. i love goats they're so cool. cause no one takes care of the yard so my moms hubby wants to buy a goat. i think he only wants to buy it cause i suggested it and he likes to suck up to me, which isn't a bad thing. this is too much to write i'll see around space cowboy.xoxo