i had a pleasant maximus time with you. you are a special type of living. you were chillin in my dream the other night. thanks for making an appearance. i called your dwelling today (monday, monday the 7th). i was going to swing by all american super city and see if you were key to some prompt eating outage after my work time. i did some beachin this weekend. a bit more than i had intended but all is well that ends in more beachin, eh? the dude master i was staying with got bamboozled out of a funtastic time. jesse (dude master), was feverishly sick. i had originally planned to catch a ride from my dad who was also at the beach saturday night but he was all boat engulfed with maintenance and stuff like that. so i stayed two nights. weston joined us sunday afternoon. im nice and sore from some high quality barrel diveing we did. sunday night weston sean and i got our artistic groove on in the moonlight sand. we made a fucking beautiful lady made out of sand. it looked like she had just passed out after a drunken naked stagger. she was all nice and sprawled out with seaweed hair in appropriate places. from 5+ feet it looked erily real. we were hopping to bamboozle some crabbing persons. we left sandy alone for maybe an hour and came back to find her all stepped and beat to an unrecognizable shit. that was real sad. we put some mondo effort into her. it felt like murder. a theory put forth was that those folks that patrol the beach thought she was real and hurrierd over to her and and got a bit miffed at her sand consistency and went to steppin either for anger purposes or perhaps to prevent others from reporting a corpse. but the sad truth is it was probably a sea moster who tried to impregnate it and got a little to wild.